S9.com: Bratsoni’s World Wonder hit (Updated)

I picked a good day to start blogging about Server 9 again. It just keeps getting more interesting.

CF hit Bratsoni’s World Wonder with a major attack today, and managed to shave off 20 levels from it, despite Bratsoni holding the 5x building stability artifact.

Here’s the report of the main hit. The army here, made by one of CF’s World Wonder holders, is amazing. There are only a few of this size made in each game:

Note that at least one smaller army must have hit before this one, because the World Wonder was past level 69 earlier today.

Here are the new standings:

Now, as long as there are no follow-up attacks on Bratsoni, he shouldn’t have too much trouble passing Syedfsz’s and Big G’s World Wonders. He’s still ahead of both of those when it comes to population (though Big G is a lot closer now and you can’t count him out of the race, he’s still got a chance at coming out on top).

TRUST still has the problem of The Watcher’s World Wonder to deal with, but CF has set up an interest situation for TRUST now. Babuk’s World Wonder and Cleopatra’s World Wonder are now ahead of Bratsoni’s. Both of these players joined TRUST later in the game, after Rangers and JD became part of the TRUST group. There was a lot of bad blood between Rangers and Thunder, so no doubt CF is attempting to see whether or not the two sides really trust one another. Will the Thunder/Rangers team-up manage to survive? Do they trust one another, after being hated enemies for so long? Expect CF to sit back and not attack Babuk’s World Wonder, in hopes that the TRUST alliance will fall apart.

The alliance with JD may also be strained by this, but I do get the sense that JD/Thunder relations aren’t nearly as strained and Rangers/Thunder, so I honestly don’t think that Thunder’s leaders and players would have any problem with Cleopatra’s getting the win for the TRUST side. But I think CF’s leaders think differently than I do.

(As for Sakeman, his infrastructure is still damaged from CF’s earlier attacks, so I think Bratsoni’s World Wonder is still closer to winning at the moment.)

Stay tuned, things are going to get really interesting now. I’ll try to do an in-depth Server 9 diplomatic wrap-up later tonight

(I also had a post written about the some of the earlier attacks that took place, but unfortunately I lost it when my internet crashed. I’ll have to type it out again later.)

Update: I changed the battlereport so that it shows the name of the attacker, Syedfsz.


4 Responses

  1. http://www.gettertools.com/s9.travian.com/kb/B7WbPWnm

    Ok here is the attack with attackers name. Kindly don’t hesitate to show it. And a marvelous job you have ben doing on this site. Keep it up

  2. Only a few? Take a look at this hammer.


  3. your teuton hammers were the one which landed random on her..
    they might have brewery on

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