My Interview from Travian News International magazine:

On page 9 of the latest Travian International magazine, I get interviewed by myrcat, one of the magazine’s most dedicated writers. She asked some great questions about the site and about me. Here’s the full text of the interview:

myrcat: This time, we are going to speak with randomgeek, editor of the page 

myrcat:  So how long have you had your site up now?

Randomgeek:  It’s been up since June ’09

myrcat:  Why’d you decide to start it?

Randomgeek: Well, I had been playing Travian for about a year by that point, and a lot of people who played the game were saying how after a server the winners don’t get remembered. A lot of people kept saying “someone should make a hall of fame”. So I thought to myself, why don’t I make one? 

myrcat: What’s your favourite server been so far?

Randomgeek: My favourite server that I’ve played on so far was definitely Server 4 2008-2009. Even though the side I was on lost quite badly in the end, I still had a great time. I was in an awesome alliance, I learned a lot about how to be a better player, and it was never boring.

My favourite server that I’ve covered on my site was server 3 2008 – 2009. The endgame was super competitive, and had one of the most shocking and dramatic finishes ever in Travian. A single-wing alliance which no one thought had a chance of winning just barely managed to have the World Wonder they were backing reach level 100 just 18 hours before the other side would have. This was after every major army had bit the dust. It was amazing to watch a finish so close. And both sides were filled with great players and had very intelligent leaders.

myrcat: Do you have plans for doing more with other domains or will you stick mainly to .com?

Randomgeek: I definitely would like to do more when it comes to covering them. Whether or not I’ll be able to get to so depends on how much time I have. I don’t want to get burnt out by trying to do too much. I’ve tried to get other people to write about other servers like the Australian, UK, and India ones, but that’s sort of fizzled out. When I have some free time in the future I’m going to try to figure out a new system to get more coverage of the other English-language servers on my site. 

myrcat: How many servers have you documented so far?

Randomgeek: So far I’ve added 4 servers to my site’s “Travian Hall of Champions”, 8 regular servers and 2 speed servers. 

myrcat: Is this your first website or do you have experience with making them?

Randomgeek: I had minimal experience with having my own website before starting Travian Champions, but I still knew enough that I wasn’t a complete rookie at it. Since starting Travian Champions I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to picking up new skills as time goes on. 

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  1. congrats on the article!

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