Issue #3 of Travian Magazine is online!



There was a bit of a delay in the making of the latest issue of Travian News International Magazine, but it’s finally been released now. Click this link to check it out:

This issue is a whopping 39 pages, and a lot of those pages are written by or are about me. (Probably too many)

The magazine features my Crewchat summary in full. I really like the job they did with adding graphics to it. They didn’t edit anything I said at all, which makes it a little odd to read in places, but overall I take it as a compliment that I did a good job on it.

I also wrote the Server 9 update. It’s now a little bit outdated, but things change so quickly on that server it’s always hard to keep up.

And finally, there’s also an interview with me! I’ll post it on this site in its entirety later today!

There are lots of other interesting stuff in the magazine too, especially the interview with Travian’s Product manager, that starts on page 10. This is the kind of behind-the-scenes information that I was hoping this magazine could bring us. I have some thoughts on the interview that I’ll try to post on this site later.

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