S9.com: Reaction to SW-Switzerland joining Trust

With CleopatraFirst’s World Wonder becoming a part of Trust, this will alter the S9.com endgame landscape significantly.

Inocka, leader of TRUST, had this to say on the team-up:

Inocka: JD has been under heavy fire by CF-V for the past 2 days, and they approached us for assistance and offered to join forces because people who they did not want to fight came after them. They couldn’t stay alone anymore, so they had to choose a side, and in this case, when choosing between someone who is hitting your players and someone who helped you in the past to defend against the same people who are now hitting you – the choice is obvious.
Thus – welcome to Trust Cleo.


CF-V must have really brought out their big guns. I’ve been told that CF-V is somewhat of a “group within a group” in Chaos Factor, and that many of their players are from Korea and they don’t communicate in English very much.

Many players were just waiting for something like this to happen, given the bad blood between JD and CF leaders, and the low chance that JD had of winning on their own.

Tomycs: Like I was saying earlier… when the higher levels of the WW are reached the likes of JD and Rangers would have to choose a side. Actually it’s only now that it makes sense, when has anyone really won a war by being neutral and not fighting…

CleopatraFirst didn’t have much to say addressing the matter, but did refer back to a sore point between JD and CF that has been around for a long time:

Cleo: Korea and burns were clear enough – DV s heritage lives on.

Darth Vadar is a reference to a former alliance leader from the south who was a very polarizing figure. I don’t want to get into the long and complicated history but when the South first tried to unit, Darthvadar stepping down as a leader was one of the conditions that was insisted upon. (“Korea” refers to CF-V, and Burns is a leader of CF-Deathwave.)

Obviously, this new addition to TRUST gives them another World Wonder, and two more sets of building plans, brining them to 5 World Wonders and 8 building plans altogether. CleopatraFirst has one of the Architect’s Great Secret artifacts, so if they can pile enough defence at her World Wonder, it will be able to take on a lot of enemy troops and still stay in the game.

After that, it gets a little bit foggier about how much stronger this new alliance is. There are four alliances with the JD tag. The main JD wing is now confederates with four Thunder wings, but the other less powerful and less organized wings of JD are more of a question mark. Of course, it’s still relatively early after the announced team-up. JD is ranked as the #15 alliance overall, so getting them on board will be a significant addition to TRUST. Going by the Travian Analyzer, they’re taken a few hard hits over the past few days: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&ida=1575. No doubt TRUST will try to strategically defend them in order to keep them in game shape.

What about the other JD wings? How much will they help out? I’ve heard that CF is really going after them with a vengeance. JD-WFe looks like it’s going through a really tough period lately: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&ida=2825&news. Still, as long as they’re sending crops and making defense, I supposed it’s a net win for TRUST.

There’s also the question of whether or not the Borg alliance will work with TRUST now. Borg has a NAP with JD and they used to have close ties to them when they were known as CF-P.

How will this affect the leadership of TRUST, if at all? How much will JD have a say? Will they be full members of the leadership of TRUST, or will they be following orders, or working at arms-length from the rest of TRUST. Will they be able to integrate and coordinate plans with TRUST leaders at this late stage of the game? Will some active members opt to join CF alliances instead, given their geographic proximity to the ones located in the Southwest? Will this increase alliance morale because now they have a better shot of winning, or upset morale because they’d given up on being on their own? 

As always on Server 9, things are very complicated.


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