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It’s been 8 days since I last posted an update about the Server 9 endgame, and since then the World Wonders have come a long way, with few attacks on any of them so far. But I think we’re getting close to the point where things will get really interesting. 

Here are the current World Wonder standings: 


TRUST, aka Thunder/RA/U.N.E./Light, has the three leading World Wonders, and they seem to be building them up at a pretty even rate as opposed to letting one get out too far ahead. SW is in fourth with their one lone World Wonder, and then the four CF World Wonder are all coming up behind them, ready to take the lead after their big attacks have hit. I expect massive attacks from Chaos Factor and Thunder sometime in the future, but which will make the first move? 

It should also be noted that Bratsoni’s World Wonder is bringing up the rear, but he’s got the Architect’s Unique  Secret artifact, which makes all of his buildings and his walls 5x more stable against catapults and  battering rams. So he’s in excellent position right now. Thunder has put their enemies in a tough spot – they must attack the 3 leading World Wonders which are ahead of them, but they also have to keep enough offensive armies to stop Bratsoni after Thunder & friends hit them back. It’s a very solid strategy that Thunder is employing, and it will be interesting to see how Chaos Factor counters it. 

The alliances supporting the SW World Wonder have re-named themselves, they are no longer calling themselves South-West Masters (SWM). Now they are “JD”, taking the moniker of their strongest alliance, Jedi-Dawn. They have 4 wings and they are also in a non-aggression pact with BORG, who now have the last-place World Wonder after Steel Curtain conquered it from PB&J Time. BORG was formerly known as SWM-P, and before that it was CF-P, which was one of the Chaos Factor alliances that had treaties with both Chaos Factor and Thunder some time ago. I won’t bother making a map for them, but here’s a link to their alliance listing in the Travian analyzer: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&ida=3726. (They aren’t to be confused with a defunct alliance also known as Borg on S9

Rangers might be in trouble, they lost one of their World Wonder construction plans to TRUST, meaning they can only build one of their 2 World Wonders, and it can’t get past level 50 (you need 2 plans in your alliance to build a World Wonder from level 51-100). Rangers will have to steal back another plan from someone in order to get a victory, so we’ll keep an eye on them and whether they can manage to do that, or if they bite the bullet and team up with one of the other 3 factions. 

Chaos Factor is short a plan as well, having only 4 plans for their 5 World Wonders. SW still has both of their plans. 

Thunder’s biggest success (or perhaps I should say TRUST’s biggest success)of the endgame so far may well be their success holding onto the extra construction plans and the Unique Architects Secret’s and Rival’s Confusion artifacts. While not everything is going perfectly for TRUST, that’s a very strong position to be leading from. 

Unfortunately for TRUST, they lost one of their biggest offensive army recently. TheGaul, who is currently the server’s #1 ranked attacker and could likely finish that way, launched a major attack to try to conquer one of Syedfsz’s (from CF-WW) villages, but ran into an impressive defense there. Here’s the battle report, as you can see TheGaul’s army was a gigantic one: 

Click the picture to enlarge it

There’s a thread on the forum discussing this attack here: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=135768


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  1. And after a week TheGaul’s Knight Theutates Thunder Named PinkPony Raised Up and stand on the top statistic of hero with level 136 and 936001 experience

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