Travian Crewchat Report Part 7 – Gameplay Questions

The crewchat was also a good opportunity for players to ask questions about how the game works.

Question from webchat48897: If a village is chieffed multiple times, do buildings lose a level every time its chieffed?
Answered by rexor: Yes, it should… 🙂

This happened recently with the Meta-alliance that I’m in. Two players chiefed the same village, so the person who ended up with it got a village that was a lot less developed than he would have gotten if the two players had communicated better before each one tried to take it.

Question from fence: What happens if I go to settle a valley and when I get there it’s already been settled?
Answered by Chrisvc: Your settlers will return home.

This happened to me recently, which was really annoying because those slow Settlers had to walk all the way back to the village I sent them from, and then go out again to take another spot I wanted.

Question from Killer: Do I need to destroy the whole defense and then destroy treasury to capture artifact from someone or I just need to destroy the treasury and my hero can capture the artifect???
Answered by (x.x): The hero has to survive to take it and you have to attack on normal so yes you have to kill all the defense

Question from Corne: Hey, will settlers be killed when someone attacks me and I have no other crew?
Answered by BobTim: Yes, Settlers can be killed when you are attacked.

For some reason, a lot of first-time players think that their settlers aren’t like other units, but they can be killed off just like all the rest. So be sure you don’t leave your settlers vulnerable!

Question from Killer: Question for how many days will artifact villages remain on server if they haven’t been captured????
Answered by Tschena: Until the end of the server

Question from webchat48321: How much resources I can send to a friend? I have heard one hour of resources, does it mean 1hr from the villa that am sending res. or my total res. production from all villas?
Answered by holdwolf: !id411 The new anti-pushing system automatically prevents you from sending more than the allowed amount of resources. When calculating the total amount of res you can send, all of your villages are taken into account.

I love the new automatic anti-pushing system. I’m so glad the days of worrying that I’d get banned if I sent too many resources to my allies are gone.

Here’s a rule that I had no idea existed before this crewchat:

Question: What I should do to change my username in the game to another name. I don’t like what I choose when I registered. Is it possible?
Answered by buzzball: It’s not possible unless you have a population below 100. If that’s the case than contact the multihunter. But above population 100 a multihunter is not able to change your name anymore.

Question from webchat71594: Basically I want to chief a former alliance member who has been kicked due to the fact he is leaving the game, however I’ve been told that Travian rules don’t permit it until 48 hours after he has left the alliance, Can someone verify this?
Answered by buzzball: That’s true you need to wait 48 hours until your able to conquer him

Question from tangent: Is it more advantageous to use the tasksystem that not, that is does it give you more resources using it than not?
Answered by Chrisvc: If you are a new player, the tasksystem helps you to get the basics of the game. For pro’s however, with a detailed plan for the first few days of a server, it can be less useful.

I’m used the tasksystem on all the servers I’ve played on, but I just ignore the step I’m on if it slows down my build. I think the next time I start a new server I’ll try doing it without it.

A lot of players have been wondering what happens when World Wonder cities get deleted. This came up during the Server 2 endgame, where two of the World Wonders were actually removed because the players deleted!

Question from Themenace: What would happen if someone would take all world wonders and deleted with them all?
Answered by Chrisvc: They would manually be respawned

Question from Themenace: @ Chrisvc u sure of that ^^
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, there will be new WW villages implemented and new construction plans as well. The game won’t just end.

Question from webchat25676: What will happen if players decided to delete WW villages in the current s8? Will you respawn them?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, WW villages that were deleted will be manually reintroduced

The key word here is “manually”. The villages don’t just reappear on their own, someone from Travian has to actually enter the command for them to do so. Of course, this is really all just hypothetical, I don’t think we’ll ever see all 13 World Wonder villages get deleted on a real server.

There were several questions about sending catapult waves:

Question from Pacdog: What is the max allowed cat waves allowed in same second?
Answered by Tschena: There is no limit for this, you can send as much as you manage

Question from Maksat: about Pacdog question. After how many waves MH will ban me?)
Answered by Chrisvc: As long as you send them manually, you won’t get banned.

 Question from Crusier.Rag: Why is it the case I could send 20+ waves/sec in one server and not even 10+ in another?
Answered by BobTim: One server could just be slower than the other.

 Question from maka: question : Is it legal to send cat waves using tabs in firefox? (just to prove someone wrong =))
Answered by Chrisvc: That is legal, as long as your browser is not otherwise modified.

There’s a guide in this site’s strategy guides section about how to send multiple-wave catapult attacks, and it describes the Firefox Tabs method as well.


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