Travian Crewchat Part Report Part 6 – The Future of Travian

Like most Massive Multiplayer online games, Travian changes and improves as years go by. At the Travian Crewchat, many players asked about what the future of the game will be like. Here’s a selection of just some of the questions and answers about what Travian will be like in the months and years to come:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: Are there any new changes planned in future (or better say anytime soon)
Answered by Tschena: For sure there are – but they are secret 😉

 Question from Guest16256: Will be there some new things added in game?
Answered by Tschena: Yes for sure 🙂

Of course, the crw at can’t tell people all the stuff that’s coming up in the future, because either they don’t know or they can’t tell us right now:

Question from Daki: Any new changes in Travian planned any time soon?
Answered by buzzball: a multihunter/admin hears them only 1 or 2 days before the members do so…. no sorry

Question from webchat7581: Any new version of Travian coming out soon, or will it be a long time away until we see an update?
Answered by buzzball: We as crew also know it only a few days before the real happening.. So when there is something new coming you will hear it as soon as we know…

But while they can’t tell us what WILL happen in the future, it seems as though they can tell us a lot about what WON’T happen:

Question from maka: question Will there ever be normal Plus server without Gold and without Artefacts? (It would be so much better…)
Answered by shadowspirrit: No, I doubt that will ever happen

Question from Niall: When are we getting archers?
Answered by shadowspirrit: No we are not getting archers

Question from webchat30739: Will there be a new tribe?
Answered by shadowspirrit: In one word: no

Question from webchat30739: Why will there be no new tribe? o.O
Answered by BobTim: It would be difficult to balance.

Persoanlly I think it would be cool if Travian had more tribes, regardless of whether or not they’re perfectly balanced. I used to play a lot of Civilization 3, and even though the British were one of the weakest civilizations in the game to paly as, playing as them was still fun. As long as each tribe has something distinct about them, players will use them.

Question from enkh: Is there will be any new unit in Travian?
Answered by Chrisvc: At the moment there are no new tribes planned, but who knows what the future will hold…

Question from Ravenslock: Is it possible if you could make this game be played offline where I can play verses the computer?
Answered by rexor: Hard to say… Travian is a real time game and players interact each other almost whole the day… if Travian become an off-line game, it will lost its charm 😉

Question from Coco: Where can I propose new features?
Answered by BobTim: You can go to the forums at and post in the ideas section.

Question from webchat7581: What do you think Travian will be like 3 years from now?
Answered by shadowspirrit: More awesome then you can imagine

Hopefully Shadowspirrit will be right!


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