Travian Crewchat Report Part 8 – The State of the Game

Several players at the crewchat had questions or opinions about the current state of Travian and its servers. Here’s a selection of them that I thought my readers might find interesting:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: question I guess there was lot of complaining slow working of com1 server, so was wondering is there any new info of when that will be fixed?
Answered by Tschena: until now I didn’t receive any information (mtr reports / tracer routes) which I requested from the players. If I do not get it then we can not check it.

Question from Tymms: Why does the new server on s5 lag 100x more than the old 1
Answered by firedawg225: report problems to

Question from Hookahice: Why is this game designed in a way where getting out of croplock if NOT proportionate in the game! Think about it. If a normal (non-addict) player plays this game not using gold and doesn’t login 40 times a day… it takes ridiculous amount of time to get out of croplock!!!
Answered by buzzball: Not when you have some friends on the server

Question from webchat7581: Do you think Gauls are too weak in Travian 3.6?
Answered by KnightStalker: No I don’t.

That was me asking this question, not because I believe that Gauls are weak myself, but because someone who couldn’t make it to the Crewchat (Coonicon) wanted someone to bring this up. I know that some players feel theat Gauls are too weak, and while I don’t agree I will post some of their arguments about this on the site in the future.

On a similar topic:

Question from webchat48897: Are there any changes planned to improve the early game balance? For example Teutons are too strong early game
Answered by shadowspirrit: actually they aren’t. It’s the way they play that determines whether they are strong or not.

Teutons have been slowed down now that they don’t get as big as a cranny raiding bonus as they did before version 3,5, but I guess some players still think they’re too strong. You definitely have to be careful in the early part of the game if you have Teutons nearby.

Question from Daki|Trident_s1: What is with com7 once again? com2 finished later yet starting sooner
Answered by Tschena: Should be in about 7 weeks

Travian has a policy that the lowest numbered servers should start first when multiple servers are inactive, that’s why started before even though S7 ended earlier.

Question from Ravenslock_: I have seen some players have about 24 villages and lots of medals how do they do it?
Answered by Chrisvc: They probably have a lot of experience in playing Travian and might be dual accounts. Active raiding is the key.

Here’s some questions about the Classic Server:

Question from Peter: Will there be another round of classic after the current one finishes?
Answered by Chrisvc: Yes, we will keep a classic server. There might be light modifications to it, but it will remain ‘classic’

Question from webchat19785: Is there any chance of the Level 12 resource field cap on capital fields being removed in classic next round?

Answered by BobTim: That’s part of what makes it classic, if you want unlimited levels then play a non-classic server 😉

Question from webchat19785: This is my first round of travian, but I heard that 7 croppers were added to classic, but still called classic. So are there any other changes possible? Or did I hear wrong about the addition of 7c’s?
Answered by Tschena: It’s not completely true: Travian version 2.0 already had 7cs. In T3 they were taken out of the game. So basically 7cs were brought back but it is nothing new.

Question from webchat7581: Do you think some of the Artifacts are too strong, like the Rivals Unique Confusion for example?
Answered by shadowspirrit: I don’t think so, all have been carefully thought about

Question from govie: Why aren’t there any 50% iron/clay/wood oasis in the game?
Answered by BobTim: Because that would be too awesome!

I think 50% iron/clay/wood oases would be cool if they were added, but at the same time it’s not something I really care about too much.

Question from Tosha: Why do some troops need clay to build them. I mean: what is the clay for? 0_o
Answered by Tschena: The clay is for their houses 🙂

So that explains it!

And here’s a question that hits close to home:

Question from enkh: Where is Hall of Fame? I haven’t seen any hall of fame of travian.

I guess I need to do more to promote myself! 😉

This is my final post about the Crewchat, I think I’ve covered it pretty well. If I get enough reader requests, I’ll do a post with some of the funniest/crazyiest questions from the chat as well. If not, I’ll just move on to other things.

I’ll just close with one final thought from the crewchat:

[18:36] Question from Avael: Fun fact: The Travian crew rules. Thanks for another sweet IRC meeting, taking your time to answer pointless questions like this one
[18:36] Answered by KnightStalker: You’re Welcome, It was nice time having you on this channel =)

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