Travian Crewchat Report Part 4 – Behind the Scenes

One of the coolest things about the crewchat is that it lets players find out a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of the game. While we often get caught up playing the game and strategizing, we often forget that it takes a lot of effort to make the game and to keep it running. So here’s a collection of questions and answers about the company and business behind Travian.

Question from webchat28098: Who does own the company? The owner of the idea, or the game?
Answered by Timmooo: Travian is owned by TravianGames, you can see their site here:

Question from futterwaken: Are you involved in developing the game?
Answered by shadowspirrit: No, we are just the ones who try and keep it fun for all by ridding it of cheaters and the forums clean of spam.

Each Travian domain has its own admins, multihunters, and supporters, and they operate independently of the home office.

Here’s an interesting answer about the Travian developers:

Question from webchat28098: How many developers do work in Travian?
Answered by Tranq: Currently TravianGames has over 160 employees at the office in Munchen. Over 100 GameAdmins around the world. Note that TravianGames has more then just 1 game, so not everyone is working on Travian ;). About your question related to developers: About 40-50 at the moment.

So as you can see, Travian Games is a fairly big company. They’ve made 4 Browser-games of their own and acquired 2 other ones, so they have a lot going on. Travian was their first game and it remains their most succesful.

Question from fence: Is there a server where gold is not used?
Answered by buzzball: Nope not anymore

There used to be a server with no Gold on it on the German domain, but I guess they’ve ended that now.

Question from webchat28098: How many active players do you have worldwide on Travian?
Answered by Timmooo: Currently there are approximately 5.1 million active Travian players worldwide.

Here’s some interesting questions about Travian’s history:

Question from Pacdog: When was the first Travian server brought online?
Answered by buzzball: 15th of september 2004 )

Question from webchat22192: How does Travian started ? Like we see it today ?
Answered by Timmooo: I’m certain it was very very different back when it first started! It’s the nature of a game to develop and improve over time 😀

To give you an idea of what Travian used to look like, this is a shot of the resource fields in a village before they got their own graphics:


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