Travian Crewchat Report Part 3 – Bot Detection System and Rules Enforcement

There were several questions about the new bot detection system during the crewchat, but not as many as there were about the Rally Point Restriction and the 10x Speed Server.

Question from petervle: When will the captcha system be implemented?
Answered by Tschena: It was already.

Question from enkh: When will the captcha system begin implemented?
Answered by Chrisvc: It already is implemented. But as a normal player without using externals, you are highly unlikely to ever get to see them.

If you’re wondering what the CAPTCHA system is, I recommend you read this post I did earlier which has Tschena’s announcement of the Bot Detection system and description of how it works. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” (Why don’t they just call it “Non-bot test”? Stupid Acronyms.)

So far I haven’t seen any CAPTCHA requests when I’m playing either. But I guess most players who never use bots don’t see it.

According to Buzzball, the system is working:

Question from Daki|Trident_s1: Did CAPTCHA started to be operational, and what are results so far?
Answered by buzzball: I think the results are great 🙂

I’m pretty sure Buzzball is a multihunter, so he should know better than anyone how well it’s working.

There was another question about Temporary bans:

Question from Pacdog: Why is there now temporary bannings when sending catapult waves??
Answered by Tschena: This temp ban was always there – but it seems it’s a bit more sensitive now.

I’ve gotten these brief temporary bans when sending catapult waves myself, and it can be annoying if it causes you to send less waves than you intended to. Fortunately these “bans” only last a second.

Question from Charm0: There is a lot of Racism here “in the game” what you guys do to solve that?
Answered by Sebi: just contact the Multihuter if you see any racism 🙂

Sometimes I see a village with an offensive name or something racist in it, and I’ve even reported a few to the multihunters myself. Those players tend not to last very long, most good players know better than to put anything in their village names or profile that might get them banned. Most people who are racist in this game don’t even care about playing Travian.


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