Travian Crewchat Report Part 2: The 10x Speed Server

Another hot newsworthy topic that came up during the crewchat was about the 10x “superfast” speed server that was recently played on is a german-language server, so many English players who heard about it weren’t able to check it out. Many players were curious if will be getting a 10x speed server too.

Before we get to the questions and responses, I just want to say that personally speaking, I wouldn’t want to play a 10x speed server. Too much would happen if you spent even just an hour or two away from your computer.

But other players sound like they are interested:

Question from Pacdog:  Any more 10x speed servers coming???
Answered by Tschena: I did not hear about plans for this.

Question from Maksat: When will start’s com10x or com5x?
 Answered by shadowspirrit: none

I think Shadowspirit meant to say “never.” Going by these responses, it sounds like there won’t be a 10x speed server starting on anytime soon.

Question from des: Is it going to be a speed 10x available soon?
Answered by Tschena: I don’t think so.

Question from webchat22192: would you make server with x10 speed .. its gonna be so amazing
Answered by shadowspirrit: I doubt it shall come

Question from webchat22192: why not ? it’s really amazing Idea .. The x10 speed server
Answered by shadowspirrit: because it’s an incredible strain on the servers, and practically impossible to manage for our MH`s

Question from webchat22192: why not ? it’s really amazing Idea .. The x10 speed server
Answered by Timmooo: While it may seem like a good idea to you there are other factors such as player demand, upkeep etc which have to be taken into account.

People like the person asking this series of questions do need to realize that the first 10x speed server at was a test to see how it works – and not all tests have succesful results and become actual products.

But then again, I can’t for sure it would never become real, so if there’s enough demand, who knows?

But then there was one person who went WAY too far:

Question from SonGOKU: will Travian 50x be started?
Answered by Chrisvc: Hi, that would be almost impossible to play unless you have at least a dual account. It’s not planned to start a server like that.

Good grief, a 50x Speed Server? Someone’s getting overly excited!


One Response

  1. 50x server? XD would tak like 8 days? d:

    if the trav team should make money on that, they needed to 5 guld in extra ress prod. every hour? d:

    and even then they would lose big time to the normal and 3x speed servers.

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