Travian Crewchat Report April 2010 Part 1: The Rally Point Restriction

The Crewchat took place last Friday (April 16th). Lots of players showed up to ask the crew members questions on any topic they desired. No question was too silly, or too controversial.

I’ve gone through the Crew Chat logs and picked out the most interesting and informative questions and answers, for those of you who missed on being able to attend. If you want to read the whole thing yourself, you can find the complete logs on this page:

This is the third time I’ve covered a crewchat on this site. You can read my previous reports in the Features section. If you’ve never been to a crewchat before and you’re wondering what they’re all about, here’s your answer:

Question from Hoppa: question Why are you doing this right now and is this the nicest question ever?
Answered by Chrisvc: Because this is a way for players and crew to get to know each other and usually it is quite a lot of fun for everyone involved.

This crew chat covered a whole bunch of different topics, so I’ll start my summary with one of the most controversial topics ever in Travian: The Rally Point Restriction. Since the last crewchat (where many player expressed their displeasure with it), the Rally Point Restriction has been removed from all the latest server on (as well as several regional Travian domains). But people still wanted to know whether or not it’s gone for good, and whether there’s a chance that the two servers did start with the Rally Point Restirction ( and can also be rid of it. Also, I think some people still want to vent about it being introduced in the first place – a lot of people were very upset when it was first announced.

Here’s the questions and answers about the Rally Point Restriction:

Question from Crusier.Rag: Okay I see that com8/com10 has only 8k players left now but com1 has around 12k players even though it started only 5 weeks later than com8. Doesn’t it prove the Rally point restriction are not working for noob protection and have them scrapped altogether from existing servers as well.
Answered by Tschena: Even if it would prove this, you should have recognized that no server after com1 got the rp restriction.

Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena I recognize that no furthers severs are getting RP restriction. So can we not scrap them from com8/com10 as well. It’ll really help existing players in endgame stage with Fakes etc.
Answered by Tschena: All players are complaining about changes in the mid game of a server – and now you request one from us? This seems very inconsistent for me 😉

Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena I doubt any single player will complain if you scrap them even at the endgame stage. 🙂
Answered by Tschena: But I am quite sure the office will not remove it. Sorry.Question from webchat56812: Will RP restriction be removed in S8?
Answered by buzzball: I don’t have a clue what RP is but I really doubt it… what’s there is there and wont be changed


Question from Crusier.Rag: @Tschena Isn’t there any way to convince the office? How much of a pain could it be?
Answered by Tschena: I already tried it in case of com10 but had no chance.

Cruiser.Rag was just one of several players asking if the Rally Point restriction could be removed from Servers 10 and 8. To her credit,Tschena (the admin) has tried, but the Travian head office said no.

Question from webchat56812: Will RP restriction be removed in S8?
Answered by buzzball: I don’t have a clue what RP is but I really doubt it… what’s there is there and wont be changed

I’m not sure if Buzzball is playing coy with his answer – he tended to be the most sarcastic of the crew. But here’s another example where the crew says that servers that are already running won’t be changed.

I can understand people on wanting the Rally Point restriction removed, but Server 10 was stated at the beginning as being a “test server” for the new features and their effect on gameplay. The test should be completed. I’m looking forward to covering the Server 10 endgame so we can see what the effect on gameplay during endgame is really like.

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: question What is plan about RP restrictions on future servers?
Answered by Sebi: There is no plan , we are still testing some servers with some without RP restriction 😛 so you just have to check the forum often

Like many players, I would like to see the RP restriction officially gone for good, but like I said above, it does make sense to let the server that was specifically designed to test these new features out (Server 10) finish before officially saying that the RP restriction is dead.

Question from webchat7581: question Okay, but seriously, will any new servers have a Rally Point restriction on
Answered by Tschena: It’s up to the country admin to decide this.

So the admin of each country’s can decide whether or not to have a Rally Point restriction is in place on new servers – but once the server starts, then the decision can’t be changed. Many regional servers, including USA, UK, India, and Germany are rejecting the RP restriction, and I believe that will follow suit – the decision will be in Tschena’s hands, so if you’re worried about it you can e-mail her.

One player who’s playing S10 or S8 had a question about how the RP limit works instead of a complaint about it:

Question from maka: With the new rally point limitations, is the maximum 20×5=100 troop movements or is it unlimited at level 20?
Answered by Chrisvc: it is 100 troop movements max per village

I found these responses interesting:

Question from Daki|Trident_com1: And what is impression so far about RP restrictions? 🙂
Answered by Tschena: Totally neutral – new players like it, old players don’t like it.

Question from Tosha: And what do you guys think personally about the RP restriction?
Answered by buzzball: It’s great

I have to question how much new players actually like it – but I guess we’ll see when Server 10 and Server 8 end, and whether the people who are playing those servers are upset about having to play on a server without the RP restriction in place.


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