Travian Champions Interviews Trevrep (Deafbat & Tots)

Trevrep was the #1 attacker and raider on 09-10, with an amazing kill total of 2,320,007. He was a member of the winning Meta-Alliance, MDA, and was a huge contributor to their winning efforts. I sent a series of questions to the two players who played on the Trevrep account, Deafbat and Tots, asking them the story behind how they became one of the mightiest attackers ever in Travian.   


Trevrep blew away the competition on 09-10


Randomgeek: How long have each of you been playing Travian?     

Deafbat (Trevrep): I’ve been playing Travian since the beginning of 2007 when Travian was firstly introduced in my country (Czech Republic). I played one Czech server and then moved to .com servers.        

Tots (Trevrep): I started playing 2008-09 with MDS as romans.. got bored raiding in end game,
so I decided registering server 8 and play as teutons for 2-3 weeks practice
with the help of Tarkelic on how to raid and quit then move again to (Trevrep) in restart.        


How did you end up dualing together on Server 2?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  We firstly met at the very beginning of the in April 2008 when we were both one of the founding members of the MDS alliance. We were leaders of one wing where we had to work close together and we both played quite active solo accounts with more or less similar play style. Additionally, since we fit each other with different time zones and we share a specific sense of humour we agreed to joined the next S2 as duals.        


At the start of Server 2, were you intentionally trying to be the #1 attacker? Or did it just kind of happen?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  Since it was the first time playing as Teutons for both of us we wanted to build an offensive account, doing a lot of killing and raiding to have a good fun. Our wish was to reach 1 Million off points and beat the No.1 attacker from the last S2. I believe we both hoped it would be enough for No.1 attacker and as the server progressed we only aimed for more off points, setting the bar higher to 1.5 Million off points first and then to 2 Million.        


Which alliances did you get most of your kills from?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I think it would be a split between PAN and Extreme – our cross quadrant enemies, maybe we got slightly more kills from PAN.        


What are some tactics you used to be such an effective attacker?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  The only thing we care about are troops. We finished building our account after 6 months when we reached all level 19 fields in our capital and had over 20 villages. Since that time, 95% of our resources income was spent on troops. We used the concept of one main hammer + at least one or two 30k – 50k side armies (only one side army later on when the main hammer reached 250k – 300k). This way we could farm and kill simultaneously. The combination of having one “monster” army + side armies + Unique titan boots was the key.        


The Unique Titan's Boots Artifact tripled the speed of Trevrep's massive armies


Did you build many defensive troops yourself or were you just concentrating on offense all the time?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  With the exception of early game, we focused only on building offensive troops. We had a strong close-by defensive support from our alliance.        


What are both of you planning to do for your next Travian server?     

Deafbat (Trevrep):  We’d like to do the same, however, not to this extent. We’d like to take it more in an easy and relaxing way, do some raiding here and there, kill a few capitals, steal some artefacts and have a good fun. No “stress” this time.        


What advice would you have for an intermediate player who has a good grip on the basics of Travian but wants to take their game to a higher level and be as good as you and your alliance (MDA)?   
Deafbat (Trevrep):  It’s very hard to give a general advice. Every server is different and you have to adjust your playstyle and tactics to various circumstances. As long as you have quality players on board, you need them to build a good friendship, get to know each other, talk on forums, Skype etc. even about Travian non-related issues so that MMs are not “orders” from some “foreigner” but a call for help from your buddy.     


Trevrep's Medal Collection


The next Server 2 which you’ll be playing on will use Travian 3.6, which includes the feature that allows players to spend gold in order to have their troops automatically dodge incoming attacks. What’s your opinion on the “auto dodge”?       

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I generally dislike features which makes the game more automatic. Auto dodge is like a bot but this way it is allowed since it’s paid with GOLD. Catching offensive armies at home was an interesting part of the game and its tactics, especially now with speed artefacts. It is also another feature which makes the Gauls tribe weaker (again) since the concept of TT “ghost hammers” won’t be effective anymore with auto dodge.        


What other games do you like to play besides Travian?        

Deafbat (Trevrep):  I usually split my time between Travian and Gomoku & Renju which are Japanese board games.        


Trevrep's Hero saw many battles and thus reached level 205


6 Responses

  1. I wanna know what their final raiding tally was.

    I remember seeing a post on the com2 forums about how if Trevrep had been in an alliance by themselves, they’d be ranked #3 or #4 as far as “Top ten raiders by alliance”.

    The fact that a single account raided more than all but 3 of the alliances week after week is bloody ridiculous.

    • Trevrep alone raided 1,211,598,467 resources through out the server. If he had been in an alliance alone for the whole server period, his alliance would have been rank 7 raiders overall. Plus, MDA L would have dropped from rank 1 (almost 1 million ahead of rank 2!) to rank 3.

      With regards to off points. Trevrep got 2,320,007 points. If he had been in an alliance alone, it would have been rank 11. And again, MDA would have dropped from rank 1 (almost 1 million ahead of rank 2 again) to rank 5!


    • You can see his final raiding total in the Hall of Fame entry:

  2. Actually his alliance had 8-10 players and they were ranked first on robber and attacker top 10 list almost every week.

  3. freakishly epic tots 🙂 nice

  4. Mighty Elephant!

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