150,000 Hits!

Things have been really hectic for me on Server 9 right now, so it’s been hard to update this site over the past few days, but I’m going to try to get some time set aside today to work on some important stories.

I also wanted to thank all the readers of this site, because it just reached another milestone: 150,000 hits! I really think Travian Champions has come a long way and I’m now I’m averaging about 700 hits a day, and the best is yet to come! Once server 9 ends I’ll have a lot of free time cleared up, and I’ve got some great plans for the site once that happens.

But I’ve also got some big posts I’m working on in the meantime! Expect to see a recap of the latest Travian.com crewchat and my interview with Trevrep, the #1 attacker from from S2.com sometime during the next 24 hours, and more info about the 10X Speed Server sometime later this week. And of course, more on the S9.com endgame. It’s tough finding the time while I’m also playing Travian, but somehow I’ll get it all done (or go crazy trying).


2 Responses

  1. 150,000 Hits! Congrats!

    Let’s push it fast guys let’s get 200k fast 😀

    Very nice work, keep it up and good luck on s9.com 😉

  2. oh wow, congrats!

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