Poll Results: Favourite Tribe

I made a poll back on February 24th, asking readers which of Travian’s 3 races is their favourite to play as. Then I got so busy covering the S2.com endgame and playing S9.com that I totally forgot to do a post about the results.

But here they are:

The final results were very close, as Teutons just barely beat out Romans by two votes, with Gauls coming in a respectable third with about a quarter of the votes. So it looks like each tribe has a decent following.

I’m not surprised that Teutons came in first, a lot of hardcore players favor them because of their aggressive nature and the ability to get off to a quick start when you’re playing them. And I know this site is popular with hardcore players.

Romans always seem to be the most-played tribe on servers. I think a lot of players like to play as them because everyone knows about the Roman Empire and how mighty it was, whereas comparatively a lot less people know about the historical Gauls and Teutons. Personally speaking, Romans are my favourite tribe. I really love the Horse Drinking Trough that was introduced in version 3.5, and I think the double-build feature makes them a lot of fun to play.

Though they came in third, Gauls still did okay. Players who like fast raiding really like the Gauls, and so do lesser-skilled players who find their double-sized cranny helpful. I’ve heard some players say that Gauls are a little too weak in version 3.5, but I’m not sure that I agree. I might do some posts in the future that looks at both sides of this argument.

Interestingly, it was a come-from-behind win. Romans were ahead with the most votes for the first few weeks, but then Teutons had a late surge and caught up to them.

Look for another poll on the site in the near future! And thanks to everyone who voted!


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