S9.com: WTF Mate?

The World Wonder building has just gotten underway on S9.com, but things are already getting interesting:

I’m somewhat surprised that CleopatraFirst has jumped out to an early lead, but I’m even more surprised that the World been conquered – and not just be anyone, but by a player who apparently has no allegiance!

PB&J Time is in a 1-person alliance with no confederates or NAPs. He’s the 96th largest player on the server, and was a member of Chaos Factor up until 12 days ago. According to his in-game profile:

No alliance = no WW support.
*insert broken english about having “lots of defense” & being invited into an alliance here*

Behold! If I cannot support your WW, I take my own! (If I get to keep it, I’m naming it “the last mimzy”. Plz let me keep it…. Plz…. If u want 2….)

Frankly, that raises more questions that answers. Is he really acting alone, or if this part of a ploy by one of the game’s factions?

Now, some players who are following S9.com closely will probably remark that this World Wonder doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s too beaten up to be a factor. But I’m anticipating a long endgame here, and when that happens even a World Wonder that got off to a slow start can end up as the winner (See S8.com 08-09).

(The World Wonder’s current population? 4!)

This is probably a case of a player who just felt like screwing around and getting his name on the WW leaderboard just for the heck of it. But I’m surprised that there wasn’t enough defense at the World Wonder to keep it safe. I’m not sure what CF-KBC and their allies are up to, but if their defense wasn’t there, where was it?

CleopatraFirst is the first WW to gain levels, but I’m not sure how far it’s going to go. People are itching to attack one another, and there might be enough CF members with sore feelings to SWM that they won’t let it stay in the lead for long.

CleopatraFirst has renamed her alliance to “SW”, and is calling her World Wonder SW – Switzerland. Perhaps SWM is trying to imply that her side is neutral, just like Switzerland is?

Like I said before, the politics of S9 are very complex, and I think SWM may have just added another twist to them.


2 Responses

  1. Cleo jumped into the early lead cause she was the first WW holder to get a hold of plans and plans take 24 hours to activate before you can use them to start building up your WW.

  2. That’s Right Channing. Cleo seized it first. Also, JD has a very good following and support, if you look around you will see what I am talking about.

    Waiting for CF and Rangers to pop up…… Bet is Rangers first.

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