S9.com: The Plans Arrive and TRUST is formed

Since my last post about S9.com, all of the World Wonder construction plans have been claimed, and Thunder has renamed their World Wonder alliance, which they are now calling Trust (none of the Thunder wings have changed their names though). 

There’s a great breakdown of who got each construction plan on the S9.com forums, in this post: http://forum.travian.com/showpost.php?p=1596035&postcount=84. So, if you want the in-depth story, just take a look there.

I’ll just post the list of current holders from my Treasury:

As you can see, TRUST (aka Thunder) already has 3 of the plans in the possession of their world wonder holders. They also have two more plans, held by their allied alliances Light A and U.N.E. Since they have 5 plans but only 4 World Wonders, they have one extra plan that they hold in reserve for now.

Chaos Factor, which includes all of the CF wings and X.Y.Z, has four sets of plans. Two of those plans are already in the possession of World Wonder holders (Big G and The Watcher). But since they have 5 World Wonders, that means that they’re short one plan and only 4 can be built up at the same time.

Technically this means that they’re even with Thunder. Both of the big alliances can build 4 World Wonders at a time. Thunder has an extra set of plans in case one gets stolen, and CF has an extra city that they can build up in case another one gets severely damaged and they want to start off a new one. The question is – which one of their five will they hold off on?

(If you count Peacebunny they have 6 World Wonders, but Peacebunny’s World Wonder has the lowest population, its alliance is also allied with SWM, and it’s not part of the CF-WW alliance, so I think it’s safe to assume that it’s not in the race right now. But I’ll keep an eye on it in case anything changes – you never know.)

Mexamrid (aka Rangers) has 2 plans, exactly what they need for their two World Wonders. This is important because it means that they can build to Lv.100 without help from a larger alliance.

The same goes for SWM. they’ve got two sets of plans – which is perhaps a bit surprising, but it just goes to show you can’t underestimate these guys. Because they’ll be concentrating all of their defense at a single World Wonder, it might be very hard to take them down. I just wonder if they have enough crop support with their limited number of players.

Here’s what the leaderboard currently looks like, no one has built any levels yet:

Thunder put all 4 of their World Wonders together into a single alliance called TRUST. Trust includes Thunder, RA, U.N.E, and Light. I didn’t put RA on the map I made of Thunder yesterday, so here’s a map of them:

I never realised how far from the centre they are before. This map really shows you that.

When you combine them with the map of Thunder/U.N.E./Light that I made yesterday you can see that they’re a huge part of Thunder’s strength in the Northeast:


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