S9.com: The Alliance Breakdown

Okay, so if you’re just joining us, the S9.com endgame is underway, and the World Wonder construction plans have just arrived, after a lengthy wait.

Most of the plans were quickly grabbed, I’ll make another post to talk about that.

There are 4 major factions battling it out on Server 9, but the relationships between those 4 factions is a complex web. Also, each faction has the potential to face some serious internal dissent from some of its members. So don’t be surprised if several alliances and individual players in this endgame switch sides and expect there to be some tricky political maneuvering and some hectic negotiations going on behind the scenes.

And I’ll warn you now: Don’t belive everything you hear. At least some of what each of the 4 alliances say in public will be different from what they really think. When you see me quoting someone, keep in mind they might be keeping some information close to the chest. I’ll try to stick the facts as much I can in my posts however.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s meet these four factions as they are now (I’m not going to get into the full history of any of them right now, just introduce them). I’ll also tell you which World Wonders each of them are supporting, because in most cases the World Wonder alliance doesn’t match the name of the alliance that’s supporting it.

Here’s a list of the World Wonders:


World Wonders for Thunder: NE WW / NW WW

Let’s start with the faction that I’m in. Thunder has 4 World Wonders, two of which are in the alliance known as NW WW (Bratsoni and Inocka) , and two in the alliance known as NE WW (Ex-presidents and Sakeman1). I’m not sure why the World Wonders aren’t all together in the same alliance like the CF alliances are, but I guess they want to keep the two quads separate for now (I’m not a leader of Thunder so I don’t know everything about what they’re doing).

The wings themselves are still called Thunder though, and that includes 9 main wings to my count, plus some other allies that are a part of their Meta-alliance.

There’s Lightning, which is ranked very highly, #16 overall. There’s also U.N.E., which stands for “United North East”, also very highly ranked, at #9 overall. The RA Meta-alliance also appears to be in the Thunder column, but those guys also have some ties to Rangers so I’m gonna put them down as a “maybe”.

That seems to be the main force of Thunder, but various Thunder wings have different allies that aren’t uniform with all of Thunder. You’ll find that in each of the 4 meta-alliances, like I said the politics on this server are very tricky.

 Here’s a map of the alliances I’ve listed above.



World Wonders for Rangers: Mexamrid

The name Rangers might be familiar to you if you’re familiar with the endgame of S3.com 08-09. They were part of the runner-up Meta alliance who lost one of the closest games of Travian ever played. Once again, they will be a major factor in a server’s endgame, and once again they are surrounded in controversy.

After S3.com 08-09 ended, a lot of players from Rangers joined the already in progress Server9 and settled in the Northwest. They called themselves KISS at first, but later they switch back to their original Rangers name.

Both Thunder and Rangers originated in the Northwest quadrant, but both alliances have been quite successful in making allies in the Northest. The results is a very divided north on Server 9. There’s a very interesting history between the two alliances and I’ll try to do an in-depth post on it later, but the short version is that after the Southern alliances appeared to unite, Rangers and Thunder seemed to put aside their differences and team up to fight against the united south. But, just recently, that alliance broke apart, after the World Wonders were conquered, and after support villages were place. So geographically, these two rival sides can’t get much closer, so there’s potentially going to be a huge blitzkrieg if they end up coming to blows. 

But, things aren’t exactly cut and dried. Some Rangers wings and some Thunder wings still have Confederacies and Non-aggression pacts. Many Ranger wings also have recently made Non-aggression pacts with several Chaos Factor wings (see below for more on Chaos Factor).

Rangers has two World Wonders (Sheringham and Babuk). Rangers is widely believed to not have very extensive offensive capabilities, when they were alligned with Thunder the plan was to have Rangers concentrate on supplying defense. The highest ranked alliance in Ranger is #19 overall, and they don’t have any great or unique artifacts.

Still, look for them to play a major factor in the endgame wars one way or another.

Rangers has several wings of various strength, along with Tonto (a play on the Lone Ranger & Tonto).

Here’s the map of Rangers:


Chaos Factor (CF)

World Wonders for CF: CF-WW/ X.Y.Z

Part of the leadership of Chaos Factor originates from Deathwave, which was part of the Legion Meta-Alliance, which was part of the winning Meta-Meta Alliance on S4.com 08-09. There are lots of other experienced players in it as well. CF holds five World Wonders, and they also have a lot of artifacts.

Chaos Factor also has a very interesting history. There was an attempt at a united south earlier in the server, that alliance was called ONE. That ended up breaking apart, but Chaos Factor seems to have held together rather well, despite losing several alliances to SWM (see more on them below). One important pickup for CF is the alliance X.Y.Z. (Examine Your Zipper) and their support wings. X.Y.Z. was one of the best independent alliances on the server for much of the game, and spent a lot of the game battling against the odds.

Expect to see a lot firepower from these guys, but it’s hard to say who will have more, them or Thunder (the two sides have been trading blows for a long time).

But note that X.Y.Z hasn’t adopted the CF tag, not even for their World Wonder. And also that not all CF wings seem to be on exactly the same page. In fact, there are several wings where it’s a bit hard to confirm whether they’re helping CF, or sympathetic to SWM, or effectively independent alliances.

With that being said, here’s a map that includes the CF alliances supporting CF-WW and XYZ. To the best of my knowledge:


South West MetaMorphosis (SWM)

World Wonder for SWM: JD-WW

There were several CF alliances that were also confederated in Thunder at the start of the endgame. In a shocking development, they seized two World Wonders of their own, and declared themselves independent from the rest of CF – especially the parts of CF that they didn’t like. The name of this new alliance is South West MetaMorphosis, and while they might be the smallest of the four factions, you can be sure you’ll be hearing more from them.

A post was made on the S9.com forums when the alliances declared that they were no longer a part of Chaos Factor. Here’s a quote from the start of that post:

Hello everyone, we know there are going to be a lot of questions about SWM now forming up at this late stage of the game, so here are some answers for everyone. We, being the leaders of 7 of the wings in the SW have decided we will not follow certain players, and their endless bashing of absolutely everyone on this server. For me, being Snake Plissken, the decision was made a little bit simpler when my spies reported CF plans to take the WW that we had discussed JD taking, it was then that we became SWM. Already before we switched we were attacked by 3 different CF wings, so we are done with the petty politics of the SW, we are done watching a few players get entire wings devastated because of their attitude and their fool hardy tactics.

You can read the entire post and the replies to it here: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=134880

CF managed to take back one of the two World Wonders that SWM grabbed, but it’s now gone through 4 different holders, and to be totally honest, I’m not sure what side Peacebunny is on (more on this in another post). You can view the history of Peacebunny’s World Wonder here: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com9&idv=271757.

So that leaves SWM with one World Wonder, held by CleopatraFirst.

In the map below, I’ve put the alliances that are officially members of  SWM in red. I’ve put the alliances that calling themselves CF but that are confederated with SWM in Green.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the different alliances in the S9.com endgame. I have to say, each one of them is incredibly interesting and there’s tons of material to cover on each of them. And there are also other independant alliances I haven’t mentioned yet. As I’ve said earlier, the politics on this server are extremely complex, and I’ve only scratched the surface in this post. When you read my updates, always be aware that there is a lot going on beneath the surface.

In my next post you can expect a breakdown of how they did at grabbing the World Wonder construction plans, as the endgame kicks into high gear and we get to see which faction has the skills and the smarts to come out the winner!


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