S9.com: Waiting for the Building Plans

Here’s the state of the World Wonders on S9.com:

The World Wonder Building plans haven’t been released yet, so none of the alliances can start building levels on their World Wonders yet. But this time isn’t being wasted – all of the World Wonders are frantically building infrastructure and the support villages around them are also being built up. When the building plans do come out, the race will be on.

Inocka, one of the leaders of the alliance known as Thunder, as well as one of the World Wonder holders, posted a good analysis on the forums about which alliances are likely to grab which sets of plans. Here’s her take on things, taken from this thread on the S9.com forums. (Note to readers: the links in this post won’t work unless you have an S9.com account)

Disclaimer: I will try to keep this as objective as possible only looking at location and map – I am not involved in any Thunder plans but one I am going after myself – so this is not me talking about things that I know will (or will not) happen, but more as a side observer just looking at map


WW Buildingplan (-138|159)


A tricky one…Both Thunder* and RangerWL in 14/14…could swing both ways I guess, but with some organisation Thunder should be able to take it…but then again, it is the only BP Rangers can theoretically take in NW so they might fight for it with all they got…it will be a close one, but:

Prediction: Thunder (but with potential surprises from Ranger)

WW Buildingplan (-13|89)


I would say that one is pretty much secure for Thunder…Only Thunder in 14/14, and it is in middle of the Strike stronghold

Prediction: Thunder


WW Buildingplan (-333|0)


Admin pulled a joke on NW with this one…Basically putting 5 plans in SW and 2 in NW (being this one can be treated as both SW and NW)…Completely surrounded by CF-KBC

Prediction: CF


WW Buildingplan (-8|-2)


This one will be the most tricky one…I think all 4 metas will try to take that one (Thunder, Rangers, SWM and CF)…I really don’t know what predictions to make, it will be a race

Prediction: no clue

WW Buildingplan (-156|-135)


Surrounded my X.Y.Z./X.W.F with one of their main hitters Critique in 7/7 (OK, only a supporter, but Sushi Bar is not that far either)

Prediction: X.Y.Z.

WW Buildingplan (-91|-11)

Hm…also a tricky one…

Has X.Y.Z., Thunder and SWM in 13/13…With X.Y.Z. already taking one I doubt they will go for this one in a serious manner…Bit too far from serious Thunder hammers, but they might want to make up for the loss to KBC

Prediction: SWM

WW Buildingplan (-11|-89)


Another tricky one…close to SE border, close to CF SW and close to Rangers…In 14/14 map we have CF and Rangers….as i mentioned before Rangers will be desperate to get two sets of plans if they want to go solo…so it really is a tough one…Who ever gets organised the best will take it…I really don’t know

Prediction: no clue


WW Buildingplan (34|-32


No brainer…CF-CORE all over the place

Prediction: CF

WW Buildingplan (163|-127)


Again, no brainer…CF SE made sure they have their quad secured…another safe bet

Prediction: CF

WW Buildingplan (329|-52)


Again, another safe bet for CF (does anyone else think SE is boring? )

Prediction: CF


WW Buildingplan (166|125)


Thunder has this area secured, so if they don’t get it it would be a surprise

Prediction: Thunder

WW Buildingplan (92|13)


Surrounded by RangerBL…CF is not to far either…but my money goes on Rangers

Prediction: Rangers

WW Buildingplan (23|332)


In 14/14 only Light A…and even further…so i would say this one is in the bag as well for Light

Prediction: Light

************************************************** *****************************


Safe bets (more or less):

Thunder/Light: 3 + potential 1

CF/X.Y.Z: 5

Rangers: 1 + potential 1

SWM: 1

No clue: 2

Sounds like it is going to be a race between Rangers, SWM and Thunder…CF pretty much has their 5 plans secured.

Well good luck to everyone, and lets hope BP oasis will soon be unbanned.

The thread turned into a flame war, which is a shame (but go ahead and use the link above to read the thread if you find that type of things entertaining). But after the flames died down, another player had some thoughts to share:

Wintre: Inocka, your analysis and predictions are quite on the dot +/- a few surprises that you mentioned. It will be interesting to see will Rangers do. SWM/JD has only one WW at the moment and will be desperate but can they get one and can they hold on to it (or CF allow them to hold onto it). I would think they have their backs to a wall now and nobody knows what they are capable of kamikaze out of the blue. NW sure drew the short straw in BP locations but from what I know of the NW Thunders, they are a tough bunch. CF/XYZ might be content with the plans they should have no problem getting and should not be interested to go for the ones in NW so it might come down to Thunder Vs Rangers in the NW for the 2 BPs.

NE is pretty unstable at this stage with Rangers and Thunder leaders hating each other for reasons discussed in various threads but Thunder’s NE WWs are ahead of other WWs in development and this might give them a slight advantage.

I’m going to try to do a post that summarizes the political lines that have been drawn on S9.com, though it won’t be easy. Look for it to be on the site soon. Of the all the servers I’ve covered so far on Travian Champions, this one has the most complex politics to deal with.


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