Mailbag Time!

I’m working on several long posts for the site, one of which is an update on the endgame, but I thought I’d take some time to follow-up on some previous posts as well. I wanted to respond to some of the people who have left comments or sent me e-mails. I normally try to do this right away, but because I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had the time.

 Most of these related to something I’ve posted on the site earlier, so I’ll give you the link to the previous post to go along with each comment I’m replying to.

Let’s start with a comment left by Oliver from the great blog Online Strategy Games, who wrote a reply to PM Attacks Panexus, where I made a map of the alliances on

That map is really cool. It really gives a sense of how the world is playing out and your place in it. Is there a way to see the map for the Server 8?

Yes, you can see a map like that for Server 8 on, or for any server as well as .US, UK, .AU, and .IN servers and several non-english servers. Here’s the website you go to:

Click the “change server” link at the top to find whichever server you want to look at.

There used to be an even better map site, that let you zoom in and out at any point on the map, and calculate the troop travel time between any two cities. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be around any more. I really miss it.

Here’s an interesting observation from a reader in response to my post about the removal of the Rally Point Restriction.

Am I the only one who sees some link between removing the rally point restrictions and introducing the bot detection system?

Bots sending hundreds of attacks were taxing the servers, causing lags so they thought “okay lets limit it to 5 per rally point level”. Now they have the detection system, they get rid of the restrictions again as servers are not taxed so much anymore.

Just my 5 cents.

Hmmm, you may be onto something. Of course, it could just be a coincidence that the rollback of the RP restriction happened at the same time as the new bot detection being implemented. It’s likely that the new bot detection system would have still come out anyway even if the Rally Point Restriction had been well-received. But, I think when they got a lot of negative feedback from player over the Rally Point Restriction, the fact that they had this new bot detection system made it a lot easier for them to reverse the decision.

A player who liked my coverage of MDA’s biggest armies wrote in with a request, but sadly I’ll have to decline:

Hey there,

You have really been doing a great job in covering all the major aspects of S2. I enjoy reading each and every post of yours!

Well, if you can do add a separate post containing the biggest hammers from all over world, probably from 1 – 10 wise in each of the races.


Thanks for the compliment! I would love to do a “biggest hammers in the world” post, but it would be too much work. There are hundreds of Travian server out there, and it would just be too difficult to go to every one of them and find the biggest armies of each race and compare them.

One day I’ll do a “biggest hammer armies I’ve ever seen” post for each race in Travian, but I don’t think it will ever be possible for me to make a definitive list of the top ten biggest.

When I announced that I’m writing a book about Server 9 (which I’m not actually going to do, BTW), one player replied with his own noteworthy accomplishment:

Coleslaugh: Well, my contribution to the server was that I managed to arrange my villages into a pattern that says “Hi”

Sadly only one person ever noticed.

 Here you go, now you’re famous:

Nicely done Coleslaugh, that’s actually pretty cool.

Here’s a message from a player that someone left in the Induction:

Lord Bluff: If the Brotherhood is still around — I’d like to invite you guys to come to s2 if you want a new challenge and a new server. It re-starts April 23, so about 2 weeks. You can PM me on the forums.

So send Lord Bluff a PM on the forums if you were in The Brotherhood from S8 and you want to join in the next (it might be a while if you’re waiting for S7 to start again).

Here’s an important message I got in response to Travian’s Current Player Numbers – April Update:

The answer as to why the UK numbers were down at the end of April is…
The number of players per UK normal servers roughly follows the age of the server. So s1 and s2 have been the busiest, whereas s5 and s6 (which is currently a classic server) have much lower numbers overall, even when the different phases of a server are taken into account. s1 finished mid-March and the restart is on 12 April so these player numbers are missing from the stats. I’d expect the end April numbers to be significantly higher, because s1 usually attracts quite a crowd at the start. s1 peaked at around 28k and fell to 3k by the end. The UK’s speed server finished on the 1st April so I’d guess that you possibly grabbed the numbers when these accounts were starting to go inactive as well for the drop to have been as high as 32%. For normal servers, the mid server cut-off for registrations has had a huge impact.

Although it might be more effort to track; a better feel for player numbers will come from tracking servers rather than domains, as at any point a number of servers will be on their break which will effect the domain numbers.

Samantha also pointed out to me that there are some odd spikes on some of the UK servers when it comes to player registration. There’s a thread on it here if you’re interested:

I’m starting to doubt whether or not this idea of mine to track the monthly number of players is worthwhile or not, it seems like the numbers are really swingy based on the number of active/new servers.


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