This is a little bit dated, but I recently found out that a story that I submitted to was published on it (it’s a story about that Rally Point Restriction being removed from I wrote it back in March). You can check out the story on BBGsite here:,1.shtml

BBGsite is a website dedicated to Browser Based Games like Travian, and it has news about new games and developments in the Browser Game industry, reviews of Browser Based Games, its own forums, and its own blogs section.

Since my blog has been pretty succesful so far, I’ve been looking for ways to expand my writing about Travian and also other Browser Games, so writing for a site like BGGsite seemed like a logical next step. Having my own blog is great and all, but I also want my writing to reach a wider audience.

This first submission was a learning experience, and I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out (the links in it don’t work and there are a few glaring typos). But it’s definitely something I’ll be continuing to do in the future. I’ll let you know when my next story submission for BBGsite gets published. I’m mainly going to be writing about Travian, but I might also do stories and review for other games as well.

Also, if you’re into Twitter, I highly recommend following BBGsite’s Twitter feed:


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  1. Congrats on getting the article out there. Best of luck finding a larger audience!

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