Travian 10x Speed Server

The first ever 10x Speed Server of Travian ended recently. The game was played on, so if you just play at or one of the other English domains, you might not have heard about it.

The game was played on, which is a German language Travian server, referred to by some players as the “test server”.

Because the speed server went so much faster than regular Travian game, it was over in less than 2 months time. It ran for just 42  days, starting on February 23rd and ending on April 6th, thus making it the shortest game of Travian ever played.

You might remember Bea, a Travian player and blogger who I’ve linked to before. She’s written a post about the 10x speed server, which one of her teammates from played on. You can see her blog entry here:

I think the test of this super-fast speed server might be an interesting development for the future of Travian, especially if other domains are allowed to run servers that run at a similar speed. It might also be a way to extend the popularity of Travian, as there are probably many players who would like to play Travian, but can’t commit to full year of Travian needed to play or normal server or the several months required to play a speed server.

If I have time, I’ll do a more in-depth story about the 10x speed server, but right now I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write more about it. I have a lot to cover on other topics and I should also be doing some coverage of the endgame.


12 Responses

  1. Utterly ridiculous. You could lose your entire account in the time it takes to take a shower.

    I don’t understand why the Travian developers don’t approach it from another angle…

    Why not create servers where the map is only 1/4 the size of the regular game maps and reduce the game length accordingly too.

    I might actually be interested in playing another round if I knew it was only going to take 3 months to play and the chances of having my entire account destroyed in 6 hours was non-existent.

    • It might be a late answer, but I think that travian developers care too much for the number of players in the server (and they should). This game is not a charitable work; they want to earn money by selling gold. Increasing the number of players will increase the chance of buying gold by the game players. That is why they will not reduce the map size (I think)

      • Another late reply: they could make a travian game that is normal speed but reduced map, reduced time, and reduced Natar strength so that players will have fewer villages and smaller armies going into end-game. You could still have the same number of players, but the mini-Travian would make things interesting.

  2. i think there are three main problems with travian.
    1-people get crazy over waiting for a building to be normal speed servers one building could take three days to finish.
    2-you always have to be worried that your village is going to be attacked by enemies,you cant even take a shower!
    3-the normal serves might last long but they drive you crazy.and when you actually think you are starting to build a strong empire,the server ends!
    i think a super speed travian might be a good solution
    lets say like 10× or 20× servers that last long would be a good solution.

  3. hey, is there going to be another 10x speed??

  4. hello brother

    i wanna ask u do u know any fast server will open soon coz this travian 4 its really slow

    am looking forward for your reply

    best regards

  5. I think 10x server is not the best option & an account has to have at least 2 dual….
    7x to 8x servers would be great,, of course with better map n graphs…

  6. I dont think its stupid that they get a 10x speed server its ur choice u wanna play it or not but they should make servers that are small meaning it is easy to attack and get WW and even at end of world player would have about 5 villages

  7. I think there should be a 10^10 speed server. It might even finish in one day. Can or should it be?

  8. whould be nice to have a new tribe trav needs someting new

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