S2.com: More on Project Mayhem

To add to my post yesterday about Project Mayhem, here’s a good write-up from the S2.com forums by a one-time member that give a lot of detail about their history:

Aristocrat: PM was definitely the most fun alliance I’ve ever been a part of in my Travian ‘career’. We came here with a very clear goal in mind, which was to stay small and disciplined, have no spies and get involved in war all the way with no intention of ever trying to win the server. We made no secret of that and were quite happy to tell everybody both in private and in the public forums, but somehow nobody really believed us at first. I guess that’s understandable because it is quite rare for such a powerful group of players to have such limited ambitions, but it was true and eventually everybody came to understand what we were about.

I’ve always thought that people tend to lose track of why they really play this game. Sure, games should be played to win, but at the same time a server lasts a very long time and if you focus solely on the eventual goal of building a WW you can find yourself pissing away a whole year of your life on endless stress and hassle and miss out on the fun of it all. Most of the PM leadership came off the back of a server where we did exactly that. We were important players in a huge, sprawling and largely dysfunctional meta that was riddled with spies and which ultimately lost quite badly. All of us were determined that whatever we did on this server we never wanted to repeat that experience, and all of us were sick of being part of big metas. The end result was PM, the anti-meta. Discipline was maintained not through strict leadership but through a genuine bond of friendship between a small group of players. I think it’s fair to say that all of us were amazed we lasted so long, but it really is amazing what you can achieve when you have a good leadership team and strong team spirit. And btw, I claim none of the credit for that personally because at the start I was one of the leaders and I did a terrible job, but luckily it didn’t matter because the others managed to cover for my inadequacies.

I do feel a little bit of sympathy for the PAN guys though. Having us in their quad presented a unique challenge that the other major alliances didn’t face. Partly this was down to our lack of endgame ambitions, because it meant that they had no real way to negotiate with us. Facing a strong team of players with no long-term ambitions is very difficult because they have nothing to lose. The fact that they took so long to realise this problem only compounded it for PAN. Also, we totally dominated the propaganda battle. Everybody loved us and therefore treated PAN with disdain. This was a bit harsh tbh, but obviously it was also very satisfying and extremely useful from a strategic point of view. The fact that so few Poles spoke decent English also helped enormously on that score, but ultimately people always root for the underdog.

That said though, we really should have lost. Yes, we had a lot of spies and yes we had limited support from MDS and more active support from the likes of Hydra, Tyger, DD-C etc, but in truth we provided more support to those alliances than we ever received in return. The simple fact is that PFtF and later PAN failed very badly in their approach. They weren’t nearly aggressive enough and as a result completely failed to get on top of us when in reality they could have done so with ease if they’d had the balls to do it. Ultimately that’s a leadership failure among our enemies. We could and should have been soundly beaten. I think that any credit we’ve gotten here is probably deserved, but at the same time I also feel that we were slightly lucky, and I think most people on the server would agree. But hey, you make your own luck….

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Congratz to MDS/DA on their certain victory and good luck to PAN on future servers. Hopefully I’ll see a lot of you guys on s1, which I absolutely swear will be my last ever Travian server…..


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