There’s going to be another crewchat on April 16th. The chat will give players a chance to meet and ask questions to the crew behind

According to the official announcement on the forums, the chat will be taking place from 6pm-9pm CET (Berlin time). If I have my time zone’s correct, that’s 6 hours ahead of Eastern time, so it will be from noon-3 if you live on the east coast of North America, or 9am-12pm if you live in the Pacific time zone like I do.

I highly recommend visiting the crewchat if you have the time, it’s a fun experience and sometimes you learn a lot.  and if you have any questions about Travian you’ve been dieing to ask, now’s your chance to ask them.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it and ask questions, but I’ll post a summary of the crewchat on Travian Champions after it’s over for the people who can’t make it there. 

You can read my summaries of previous crew chats here:

Dec 2009 Crewchat:

June 2009 Crewchat:


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