S2.com: Victory Speech from MDA

Travian Champions is proud to present this collection of victory speeches from the leaders of MDA, the winners of S2.com 09-10.

First and most important:

In the name of all the leaders, alliance officers and players in MDA we will like to say:
Good game everyone!
It was a pleasure to play together in the same server for almost a year.
See you all on the next round.

Second, a few words from some MDA leaders:

It is rare that two Alliances who have never worked together before come together and show the type of dominance on a server that we have seen on S2. This would not have been possible without the teamwork and dedication of every member as well as skill, leadership and devotion of the leaders. MDA took on all comers and showed they type of dedication and domination that is rarely seen on Travian. I was Honored to be one of its leaders and I thank every member large and small, offensive or defensive for what they put into this round, it was truly amazing.

Cuculain AKA Dirty ol’ Uncle Cu

I just want to say that I was put in a difficult position. I love everyone but my cruel Mongol masters made me do bad things under threats of Trevrep doing unspeakable things to me.
Maybe someday it will be possible to unite an entire server and fill every square leaving no place for the naters to spawn.
Until that day comes I will weep for the poor victims of our senseless wars.

Diplomat of MDA

Ladies and Gentlemen…
Members of MDA you are all part of something great.
And greatness, no matter in what context (even in an online game)… stays with you.
It’s been an honor to share the virtual field of battle with you for this 350+ days.
I know you all worked hard in this server and I will like to thank you for that.
Remember: Glory lasts forever!
Go MDA!!! s2.com 2010 Champions!”

One year has passed since we started our journeys together . At the start, we were only a handful of players and then, something happened. We were attracting people, good people . Now, our allies, our teammates, our friends.
I wouldn’t have wished for this server to be more beautiful than it was.
I wouldn’t have even imagined, I would have come to a position, that required me to know people, both how they react and play and eventually, how they truly are.
I wouldn’t have imagined, that MDA, would have come so far, breaking multiple records, establishing the rules, here on S2.
But all is gone now.
A dream, sometimes, changing into nightmare, but as Beyonce says, a beautiful nightmare, that lasted 1 year, ended, a few seconds ago.
I would like to thank all the players that helped me.
I would like to thank all players who were my friends.
I would like to thank all the players who trusted me, even not knowing me, trusted me with their armies  and finally, their friendship.
I would like to thank all the players that helped MDA, become MDA and what it is now.
I would like to thank all the persons that supported the Dynast WW, and of course, the other WWs.
I would like to thank the enemy, for being there, to oppose us, to let us show our power.
I would like to thank MDA, for being the best thing, S2.travian.com, ever had.
Ginger, Player,Warlord…Friend

It has been a privilege to lead and serve you all during S2 battle. Make no mistake, this victory belongs to every member, large and small, because without your dedication, perseverance and semi-suicidal behavior none of this would have been possible. In fact I knew we had this server by the throat when every time the leadership asked for volunteer players for expected suicide attacks we had to turn down volunteers by the dozen.

I guess we should have changed the old DA catch phrase from “we don’t want to win, just have fun losing” to “just can’t seem to help but win”. A bit arrogant? Yes, but arrogance we have backed up by a road lined with the ruined accounts of everyone who has stood against us.

Cheers y’all, and see you on the next field.
Broke Village, moonlighting as Gold Mcdonald

Bang Bang:
Not much to say here boys and girls The best group I’ve ever played with.
Respect respect RESPECT !
The best company group bunch of motivated people, who owned server from the day one ! I’m happy I was in leadership crew, because it was very very easy to work with all these cruel mongols. Bang loves you all !

Good night gentlemen.
This has really been the best crew I’ve played with.
Just really solid, motivated, smart crew. Salud! (bow)

It was an honor to play alongside all of you great guys and gals and I just regret I couldn’t have more time to get to know all of you.
After organizing the server restart for MDS , I quit leadership. I always compared myself to a gardener that planted a small seed and watched the seed evolve into a small plant at first and then growing into the huge and strong sequoia tree that it is now and all the credit goes to each and every one of you ! In other words , I am proud to have been a part of all this !
Cheers to a great server win !
Great work MDA !

MDA veteran

Great game everyone, MDA really is something special
All of you where truly awesome.

Special thanks to every MDA member out there.
Be proud guys you just won a server


4 Responses

  1. Nice entry you got here 😀

    The travian comunity in s2.com will like to say to you:

    Thank You!

    Keep up the good work with your cool site.. many travian players already book’ed marked this site and they get all there travian info from this place.
    We need more guys like you.. that are willing to put in there time and effort for our ‘beloved’ game.

  2. Agreed with every word Godspeed said..
    You’re critique is well handed and respected as well as it is objective, keeping things on the proffesional side.

    Bookmarked indeed..

    randomgeek1 – Well I guess you’re neither a random nor a geek. But you are number 1 😉

    MDA – Bastards Division.

  3. great working with you guys

    I used to be a sweet lady until you guys taught me how to start kicking butts lol

    and my entire team send their thanks for everything.


    MDA S

  4. Well done.
    I would also like to say a big thank you to all the guys above and also the guys in our wing for putting up with me. MDA P put up with a lot from me and i am proud of the lot of them.
    CU and Godspeed thanks guys for helping me out when needed.

    You guys are the best.


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