S2.com: Victory Toast

Two of MDA’s leaders made several YouTube “toasts” to celebrate whenever their side completed a significant accomplishment. Here’s them doing one to celebrate MDA conquering all of the World Wonders and winning S2.com.  

I normally like to post victory speeches from the leaders of the winning alliance, but this video is even better. You know you’re having a good time if you’re drinking straight-up whiskey out of paper cups.

You can view their earlier toasts on llcoolet07‘s YouTube profile.


One Response

  1. We started this habit of toasting offensives while in DA during the first assumed suicide mission against the then primary leader of Extreme, Freedom. 5 armies including myself and DAE leader Cuculain went in and trashed his capital village. Over the shear exuberance of the victory when significant loss was anticipated I threw out a Jack Daniels toast to the other players involved. Shortly after I got instructed by Alchemy that I was to toast ALL major offensives. 😛

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