S2.com Restart Announced

Server 2 won’t be resting for long – it’s jumping ahead of server 7 to be the next server to restart on Travian.com! The pre-registration will open on April 21st, and the game will begin on April 23rd.

Read the official announcement here: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?p=1590649#post1590649

The server will use Travian version 3.6, but it won’t have the Rally Point Restriction or the instant recall function, which comes as no surprise after S6.com and Speed.com both didn’t have those as well.

Many of the players from MDA, the winning meta-alliance are said to be returning. If the alliances that have been waiting for the server 7 restart decide to play this one, then this round should be much more competitive.


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