Travian’s Current Player Numbers – April Update

There was a significant increase in the number of players on in the past month

Last month, I wrote a post that looked at the number of players currently playing on each of the English-language Travian domains. At the start of each new month, I’ll update those numbers so we can track the size of Travian’s popularity and whether it’s going up, down, or staying roughly the same.    

So, here are the current amount of registered players for each english Travian domain, and the amount of change from the previous month:    

International Servers ( This Month: 104,378 Last Month: 85,874 Total Change: 18,504 increase (+22%)    

USA Servers ( This Month: 27,602  Last Month: 78,521 Total Change: 50,919 decrease (-65%) *See note below     

UK Servers (  This Month: 21,222  Last Month: 31,375  Total Change: 10,153 decrease (-32%) *See note below    

Australian & New Zealand Servers ( This Month: 11,775  Last Month: 13,793 Total Change: 2,018 decrease (-15%)     

India Servers ( This Month: 17,773  Last Month: 13,833 Total Change: 3940 increase (+28%)     

Pakistan Servers ( This Month: 1,593  Last Month: 2,593 Total Change: 1000 decrease (-39%)     

* The number that definitely leaps out is that the US Server seem to have decreased by almost 2/3rds of its players. Or has it? Let’s dig into these numbers a little bit.    

Remember, I’m counting the number of registered players, not the number of active players. And last month, the US server had a much higher proportion of players that were registered but not active. So I think the count last month was unrealistically high, and now it’s at a ratio of registered players to active players that more closely mirrors that of the other Travian servers. I messaged the Admin of and here’s what he said:   

I only really track the active player stats, and that hasn’t been jumping around too much. I can’t say why the registered players fell by so much other than perhaps S5 being taken out of service – but it was needed anyway, the ratio of active players to registered players was very low before.


I think the same thing may have happened with the UK player numbers, to a lesser extent. In any case, it will be interesting to see how the numbers change over the month of April. I’m still trying to get a sense of what “normal” is for Travian servers player numbers. After a few months I hope to get a general sense. These changes are definitely bigger than I expected to see over just one month’s time.


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  1. Question… does anyone know where the server has vanished to or when it might re-appear????

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