My First Travian Book

As I announced previously, I’ve been playing Server 9 as a member of the alliance Thunder, and I’m really looking forward to doing endgame coverage of the game. But I’d also like to announce that after this server ends, I’m going to be busy collecting my experiences on the server and talking to several different alliances leaders, and combining all of it into a book about Travian. During the time that I’m writing this book, I’m going to have to cut back on updating this site somewhat, but I think that with the time I save by not playing Server 9 anymore I should still be able to update it once every second day. I hope to have the book finished by sometime in early June. (I also have no plans to start a new game after Server 9 ends. The rumors that I’m already playing on Server 1 are completely untrue.)  

I find that with each Travian Server I play, there is always a ton of information to report on that doesn’t get covered, just because I don’t have the time or the space to get around to it. By focusing on writing a book, I can really leave no stone unturned and map out what happened in the game from beginning to end.

Server 9 was the first server on to use the full version of Travian 3.5, so I think by doing a book that focuses on it, I’ll be able to capture an important part of this game’s history.

Of course, the politics and diplomacy on Server 9 took several twists and turns, so I’ll be dedicating several chapters to that tangled history.

I’m going to shoot for about 300 pages, plus a comprehensive index that will show you where to look up every important player’s history on the server.

There will be lots of pictures and graphs in the book, kind of similar to what was posted on my site during the endgame.

There’s also going to be a chapter entitled “Oh Snap!”, which will capture all of the best flames and insults from the forums, as well as a select few from Skype chats and in-game messages. While I normally don’t encourage flaming, there were just too many epic put-downs to pass up.

Anyone who pre-orders the book will get special Travian-like action figures. I’ve got the Clubman figure already made and I’m going to make a Theutus Thunder as well. I had plans to make an Imperian figure but the large sharp sword would be an eye hazard and also prohibit you from taking it on board an airplane. You’ll also get a signed copy of the book and a special Server 9 poster map.

You’ll be able to purchase the book as either a hardcopy or download it as an e-book. The book will also be available in audiobook format, if you’d rather listen to me read the book than read it yourself – this way you can enjoy the book while you’re playing Travian! You can listen to a preview the book’s introduction by clicking here.

April Fools Suckers!


2 Responses

  1. Well, my contribution to the server was that I managed to arrange my villages into a pattern that says “Hi”

    Sadly only one person ever noticed.

  2. haha, nice 😛

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