S2.com: The Biggest Armies in action during Endgame

Here’s the current S2.com standings. Barring a radical turn of events, the next time I post them the game will be done:


This will probably be my last post before Server 2 ends (unless I  can sneak in a quick one later tonight), so before this game ends, I thought I should post the biggest armies that were used by MDA, and talk about them a little bit:


Godpseed was one of MDA’s leaders, but as you can see here, he did a lot more than give other people orders and post silly pictures on the forums (and let me tell you, he does that a lot!). Godspeed is ranked as the 24th best attacker on the server. This attack shows him laying waste to Stypa’s World Wonder with a very impressive army – he used the Unique Troop Training Artifact to good effect, didn’t he? Also, I think Stypa’s World Wonder might go down in history as one of the most beat-up World Wonder in Travian.

Godspeed’s In Game Profile shows that he was one of MDA’s lead attack planners – and on it he admits that it’s not exactly the toughest job in the world:

DA Lead Battle Planner

MDA Lead Battle Planner for SW land.

(It’s easy.. when you have a team like MDA..)

He also congratulates his team and give some respect to his opposition:

All of the MDA SE land Leadership



All members of MDA SW and SE land.
Each and everyone of you.

Best Team Ever!

My Respects to the Enemy:

Pftf (Pan)
Nemesis (Pan)
Alphyn and the rest of the co

and in a wird “enemy zone” at the end


Now let’s look at the biggest Roman army one more time:

 I talked about this army earlier, so no need to go over it again: https://travianchampions.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/s2-com-the-first-of-mdas-big-guns-to-fire/. But I thought I’d show it off one more time. (I like playing Romans the best myself, so seeing this army really inspires me)

Now let’s get to what everyone looks forward to every server, the biggest Teuton army:

Notice that it’s hitting Stypa again? I told you that World Wonder had a tough time!

Bonnot is the #3 attacker on S2.com, and as you can see, he certainly earned his bronze medal (By the way, there will be a special post about the #1 attacker coming up after the server ends). Most Teuton armies would be happy to have over 100,000 Clubmen or  100,000 of Axes – but he built both over 100,000! Insane! And good lord, did MDA go crazy with the Catapults or what?

Bonnot is the #11 biggest player on the server – he barely missed the top 10 by only 800 pop. He also has a TON of raiding medals.

Stay tuned for the S2.com final wrap-up, it won’t be long now!


2 Responses

  1. Hey there,

    You have really been doing a great job in covering all the major aspects of S2. I enjoy reading each and every post of yours!

    Well, if you can do add a seperate post containing the biggest hammers from all over world, probably from 1 – 10 wise in each of the races.


  2. ohhhhhh what an army can anyone please tell me how to make so many whilst concentrating on res fields and other thigs………..

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