Something I want to say before I start Endgame Coverage for

I posted this on the forums and I also want to put this up here before I start doing coverage on my site:

Hi everyone. As some of you are already aware, I have a website/blog called Travian Champions that does a lot of coverage about Travian, and that records the winning alliances of each server. You can visit the site here:

I’ve covered several endgames on Travian Champions, and I’m looking forward to doing the same for S9. After this server ends, the forums get cleared and then there’s not very many places you can go to read about the history of the game and what happened on it. Because winning a game of Travian takes so much time, effort, and skill, I started my site to keep a permanent record of the accomplishments of the alliances and players who manage to pull off the difficult feat of winning a Travian server. And I’m excited to add the winners of – whoever they turn out to be – to the Travian Hall of Fame.

But, there’s one wrinkle this time around: Unlike all the previous servers I’ve covered on Travian Champions, this time I’m actually playing competitively on this server. I’m in one of the top alliances, and I really want my side to win and I’ll be doing everything I can to try to make that happen. So I am in a bit of a tricky situation because I normally try to be neutral in my endgame coverage.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I think the best thing to do is to just admit which alliance I’m in, and to admit that my endgame coverage will be inevitably tilted in their favour to an extent – I can’t help but cheer for my own team.

So here goes: I’m in the northwest quadrant and I’m a member of one of the Thunder wings.

I respect all the alliances on this server, and I respect everyone who sticks it out to the end in a game as hard as Travian, so you won’t see any bashing of other alliances in my posts, and I’ll try my best to be fairly and accurately report what’s going on – no propaganda. I try to stay above the flame wars and the politics and just report what happens, and there won’t be any change there. I’ll also be “quoting” other players more often during my endgame coverage more than I have in my previous endgame coverage to balance things out.

The other thing I want to do is just be honest with everyone and say that I’m not going to withhold any sensitive information from Thunder leaders if I get any. In the course of my past endgame coverage, I’ve been told a lot of things that leaders would never say if they thought that it would be repeated to their opponents. While I still hope that other alliances will help supply me with battle reports and non-insider info that I can put on my site, I really don’t want people telling me things that might affect the game and then expect me to keep my lips sealed. So this is your warning, if you’re not in Thunder: don’t tell me anything you don’t want Thunder leaders to know. If anyone in your alliance does do this, don’t get mad at me. I’m a player for Thunder first and running a website about Travian comes second.

Best of luck everyone and I hope everyone has a good time in the endgame!

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  1. great post! good that you’re being upfront about being a player first 🙂

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