S2.com: Close to the end

Here’s the current standings on S2.com, and a run-down of the recent activity:

The big change here is that Judas’ World Wonder has been attacked and reduced to lv.0 (There’s a joke in this somewhere about this happening just before to the anniversary of the death of Jesus (and Judas)  from the bible, but I’m tired and I can’t think of one right now).

The North was behind the attack on Judas. I’m actually surprised that they have been packing the heat necessary to do an attack like this. This is much more surprising than the attack on Ritz’s World Wonder for a number of reasons. The higher the World Wonder is, the harder it is to send it down to Lv.0. And I would have suspected that they could take down one World Wonder, but not two.

It’s worth speculating as to why these big armies weren’t sent against Georgepan’s World Wonder, and instead sent to the two lowest-leveled World Wonders (out of the ones that actually have levels). Perhaps they just felt like attacking the low-hanging fruit, or maybe they just don’t want this server to go any longer, but still waned to make a point.

Godspeed from MDA gives his look into the mind of attackers:

There were raids on most of our WW’s and they saw the troops @ the top ones So most of them didn’t want to do 0 damage and so they chose another road so to say.

I thought the attack on Ritz was the “last gasp” from the non-MDA alliances. I’m surprised there was enough left among them for two big hits like this. But going by this Battlereport on the forums, it looks like there wasn’t much defense at Judas’ World Wonder at this point:

Regardless of these late attacks, Georgepan looks to have just about wrapped this up – there can’t possibly be enough offense left to damage it, right? (Well if there is I’ll be most surprised)

You also might notice that now we’re down to only 11 World Wonders now. I guess another player has deleted while holding a World Wonder.

An MDA player started a thread in the forums to ask what would happen if every World Wonder was removed by deleting players. This would probably never actually happen, especially on Travian.com, but it still makes for an interesting “what if” discussion. You can read the thread here: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=134890

That’s all for this update. But if you liked my recent post about Operation The Last Breath, be sure to check back later today, because I’ll be collecting some player reaction to it from various threads on the forums and posting it on this site, along with some of the best and biggest battle reports from it. (I might update this post as well if I get some information about who deleted the World Wonder and/or more battlereports from Judas or Ritz’s World Wonders).


One Response

  1. I suppose they just wanted to crash their left over armies on something and still do some decent damage (so most likely the lowest WW’s)

    Most just want the server to end, cause the most people in the north I know don’t really care about endgame.

    So with that attitude, I (and many other nemesis members) were shocked we got to like level 40 😛

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