Is the Rally Point Restriction on its way out?

The latest servers to start on will not have the controversial Rally Point Restriction that was first introduced in Travian 3.6. Server 6, which started a new game on March 12th, was originally believed to include the recently introduced restriction that limits the number of attacks a player can send from their rally point which they use to control their city’s troops. This made it the second server on to remove the much talked-about restriction, following the new Server 1 which started on January 29th. The Speed Server restarted shortly after it, and it also lacked the Rally Point Restriction.

Now, other servers on Travian domains around the world are also removing the restriction. The new Speed server on the India Travian domain ( is a recent example.

The Rally Point Restriction would have limited the number of attacks and raids a player could send to 5 attacks per level, to a maximum of 100 attacks at level 20. Before the introduction of the Rally Point Restriction, players could send an unlimited number of attacks from a single city. Because offensive troops cannot be exchanged between cities in Travian, this cut down on the raiding abilities of players during the early game.  

The Rally Point Restriction has been met with strong reaction from Travian players ever since it was first announced last October. Many veteran players are against the change and say that it will have huge negative ramifications on how the game is played (click here to see one example). Other players have spoken in favour of it, claiming that it will help cut down on people cheating by using bots to send their attacks while they’re logged off, and that it will also benefit smaller players (click here for an example of this argument). It was the most controversial of all the new features and restriction introduced in version 3.6 of Travian. The instant recall feature, which allows players to use in-game gold to instantly return their troops to their home city after an attack, was also removed on many servers since the introduction of Travian 3.6. This feature only lasted for one round on (Server 10) before being removed.

While the Rally Point Restriction would likely help smaller players survive the early game, most top-level players agree that the Rally Point Restrictions will have a huge effect on strategies in the game’s later stages, when sending fake attacks of only one troop to many opposing cities is an often-used tactic to divide the defenders of an enemy alliance so that attacking armies can hit their targets without being killed.

I spoke with C0unse1, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the most recently finished game (server 7), who is now leading a new alliance on Server 6. He had a mixed reaction to hearing the news of the rules change just days before the new game started.

“Overall I’m pleased, as the impact [the Rally Point Restriction] places on mid game offensives is too onerous, in my opinion. However, it was implemented to disrupt the prevalence of “bot-raiders” who now, it seems, will have an easier ride. I’d hope that now the anti-pushing rules are sorted, the Multi-Hunters will have more time to look for bot users and ban them. All things considered I welcome the news and I know that upon hearing of it, a spontaneous party erupted in several Skype rooms containing the hard-core raiders to be.”

Girasoul, one of the leaders of the winning alliance from the previous Server 6, who is also returning for the new S6, was pleased to at the news:

“I’m glad to see the rally point restrictions lifted for s6 as they were for s1.  The new changes made to Travians servers … that specifically target the botters sound like a much better solution than did the rally point restrictions that penalize everyone.  It will certainly be an interesting round and I’m looking forward to it.”


4 Responses

  1. I played us3, which has the rally point restriction, and was an aggressive Teuton raider. I found it very limiting. It makes the focus on early expenditures on the rally point which obviously slows down your expansion.

    It really changes the game and I’m not so sure its for the better. It wasn’t too difficult to manage in the early game, and the end game is very obvious in regards to the implications and limitations of mass faking. I don’t see any clear benefit and I do see a clear downside, so I am all for it being gone!

    The 3.6 pushing limit was good because it saves the MHs a lot of time. Also the new gold rates for plus is awesome. I use it a lot more now.

  2. Am I the only one who sees some link between removing the rally point restrictions and introducing the bot detection system?

    Bots sending hundreds of attacks were taxing the servers, causing lags so they thought “okay lets limit it to 5 per rally point level”. Now they have the detection system, they get rid of the restrictions again as servers are not taxed so much anymore.

    Just my 5 cents.

  3. Me too I’m against the limitation and one immediate modify could be made dividing raids/attacks from reinforcements … as it is crazy that if I have 100 raids on the run I cannot send reinforcements if needed … I really dislike this and it can cause serious conquences

    Hopefully best trained players develop off and def in different villages so most of us will have not huge probs, but those who are still not so well trained?

    And it won’t anyhow effect on TM users as a good player should not use his hammer to raid if not in the very early ages … so I can’t see the difference of developping one 20k clubs raiding village or 3 x 7k

  4. rally point limitation is a dumb idea from the pathetic travian devs..

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