S2.com: Standings Update & Analysis

Here are the current S2.com Standings:

While they were able to pull off the very impressive feat of conquering all of the World Wonders, MDA won’t be trying to hold onto them – they were mainly just doing it for kicks (and to have another special event to remember this server by). In addition to The Falcon, Alexanderthegr8 from Extreme has also managed to take a World Wonder city back.

PM briefly took a World Wonder city too, as you can see in the standings here: http://forum.travian.com/showpost.php?p=1583653&postcount=144. But MDA then took it back quickly.

Both of these non-MDA cities have been smashed to bits, so don’t expect them to be running up levels soon. Currently The Falcon’s WW city (which he has named “U.S. Down But not Out”) has a population of just 189, and Alexanderthegr8’s city has a population of just 29!

Readers, what’s your over/under on whether or not Falcon’s World Wonder will end the game above level 0? Leave a comment if you want to play!

One of MDA’s spare World Wonder plans was also stolen by U.S., but obviously that won’t affect the game very much at this point.

The other big event is of course Ritz’s world Wonder being hit. At least the northern alliances were able to do some damage. I belive Georgepan’s World Wonder was hit as well and that’s why he’s slowed down a bit – either that or he needs some final infrastructure/storage before going for the final push.

I’ll add some battlereports to this post if I can get them, so check back later.


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