S2.com: The first of MDA’s Big Guns to Fire

Before I do a post breaking down MDA’s “Operation The Last Breath”  from the Server 2 Endgame, I wanted to post some reports from what happened before that. At the time, Panexus’ leading World Wonder was held by The_Falcon, and MDA brought out the big guns against it. This happened last Sunday.

Here are the two massive endgame armies that were used on The_Falcon, and some analysis on them by me afterwards:

First there’s the “Ram Hammer”:

Lord Porky (now there’s a name…) has the following artifacts: The trainer’s slight talent (cutting his troop building time in half in one city), and the great titan boots (increasing the speed of his troops by 1.5 times for his entire kingdom).

And it’s obvious that he spent a lot of time with that artifact building a smackload of battering rams. This is one of the biggest groups of rams ever seen in Travian.

And it’s also the biggest overkill in an attack ever – because there was no wall at the World Wonder! Talk about spending a whole lot of time and resources  for nothing…

Not that it’s Lord Porky’s fault of course. The_Falcon absolutely should have built a wall. There’s just no excuse for not building one. With the huge amounts of defense that get amassed at a World Wonder, building a wall there should be a top priority.

Lord Porky is from MDA L and is currently ranked as the #4 attacker on the server.

Okay, now here’s the attack that followed shortly thereafter, which sent Falcon’s World Wonder from somewhere in the 60s down to zero. The battle report also  includes the defense at the World Wonder:

Now this is an apocalyptic army. Really, 100,000+ Imperians in of itself would be jaw-dropping. So would 62,000+ Equis Caesarises. But all of that and 27,000+ catapults? That’s hardcore.

As you can see, that attack by itself killed over half the defenders at the World Wonder! Willo could probably give the Natars themselves some lessons on how to attack somebody.

Willo is currently ranked as the #6 attacker on S2.com. He or she held a Trainer’s slight talent artifact from late September to the end of January, during which time they must have been massing up catapults like nobody’s business. The storing and feeding of this army must have been huge, so I’m surprised that Willo “only” has 26 villages. (To view Willo’s info on the Travian analyzer follow this link: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com2&idu=29614)

(By the way, remember the number of heroes that are defending the World Wonder in this report – it’ll come up again on another post in the future)


These next battle reports really don’t really fit in anywhere else, so I’m just throwing them into this post for the sake of completeness. Before the above attacks hit, MDA launched these two attacks on it:

This raid taken near the time of the attacks shows the defense at  The_Falcon’s World Wonder. Panexus seems to have had trouble getting a decent-sized defense at all of its World Wonders. And remember, this was their leading World Wonder at the time:


To be fair though, it should be remembered that the population on Server 2 is lower than usual, so there are less players to make defenders.


Coming up soon is a detailed breakdown of MDA’s “Operation Last Breath”, featuring more battle reports than the mind can comprehend!

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