New Bot Detection System for Travian

Yesterday on the forums it was posted that there is a new bot detection system for Travian. This looks like it might be important, so I’m reposting the announcement from the forums here in full:

Dear players,

Good things come to those who wait.

Lots of you got angry because more and more bots and scripts are used in Travian.
We worked hard during the last months to detect those. We know the programmers of those will always find ways to hide them again. But we will work continuously to keep our detection up to date.

What does that mean for you?

For the fair player nothing changes, except that fair play now pays off. Using a bot doesn’t give you any advantage anymore, but player with a sense for fairness do. The game is equal for everyone again.
The detection if fully automated, so no human errors. Activity (24/7) is no sign for the detection. There are no longer any “i think that player might use a bot” bans, only if the detection identifies a bot it is triggered.
For the start bot users will have the fun to solve CAPTCHAs. It is possible that after the starting phase we will add an automatic punishment (delete troops, empty storage, delete villages….). The CAPTCHAs will do the trick for now and make bots not working.
As we are modifying and improving our detection all the time we will always be one step ahead of the bot programmers even if they modify them. This means, unfair players will only have an advantage for a very short period. This is the main reason for us to just bring that CAPTCHAs in phase 1. But if there is not learning effect, we will activate phase 2 and additional to the CAPTCHAs there will be automatical punishment.

Frequency and duration of CAPTCHA pop ups get higher and longer if the Bot is not deactivated after a CAPTCHA.
The start is smooth, one single CAPTCHA as a warning (just for the start).

Travian Team


If I wasn’t so busy with endgame coverage and playing, I’d write out a full response to this. But instead, let me sum up my feelings is one word: Good. Anything that stops people from cheating by using bots to play Travian gets a major thumbs-up from me.


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