S2.com: The Missing World Wonder

I’m going to try to get Travian Champions caught up with everything that’s happened on S2.com recently. That means a whole lot of battle reports are going to be put up on this site. So many, in fact, that I’m having flashbacks to S8.com.

But before I get to those, I want to get into the reason why there are only 12 World Wonders on S2.com right now, instead of the usual 13.

Earlier in the endgame, before MDA went on their conquering spree with “Operation The Last Breath,” there were 6 world wonders in the hands of MDA, 6 in the hands of Panexus, and 1 held by Project Mayhem.

Project Mayhem is a small but skilled alliance in the Northeast that had a huge impact on the course of the game, and they never aligned with MDA or Panexus for the endgame as many alliances of their size would have, choosing instead to remain on their own side only.

But unfortunately, they weren’t able to get any of the World Wonder construction plans, so their World Wonder wasn’t going anywhere. Infernal, the player who held the World Wonder, then decided to delete his account, removing all of his cities from the game, including the World Wonder one.

This is the first time I’ve seen a World Wonder village get deleted. Server 2 will now end with one less World Wonder village than the other Travian games that have been entered into the Travian Hall of Champions.

One PM player commented about the matter on the Travian.com forums:

Fogseen: The PM WW was just for fun. We wanted to grab a plan and call it ‘The Bike’, but since we couldn’t get a plan it was kinda worthless. Infernal decided to concentrate on s1 and delete here.

It’s understandable that Infernal would want to leave if he’s serious about doing well on Server 1 and wants to commit his time to it. I can’t knock a guy for that. But it’s too bad that PM won’t show up in the final standings now, because they did a lot that affected the game.

I have to say though, I am surprised that an alliance that was able to do so well when it came to collecting artifacts wasn’t able to get even one of the thirteen World Wonder construction plans.


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