S2.com: The Battle for Heaven (or Hell)

As I mentioned in my previous post, MDA has run the table / taken over the world / tromped the domains on S2.com.

They now hold every single World Wonder Village in the game… or do they? Looks like things have changed in the past few hours:

The_Falcon has taken his World Wonder back from Nerthus of MDA. While this won’t change the game’s final outcome, at least for now MDA’s impending victory is a little less lopsided (though don’t get me wrong, this is still pretty much the definition of one-sided).

I’ll try to keep covering this story and keep track of what happens next. I expect that MDA will try to conquer it back and knowing them they’ll probably succeed, though if Panexus really pools their defense they might be able to hang onto it for as long as the game lasts (which won’t be very much longer).

I have to give some credit to The_Falcon and U.S. here. While a lot of Panexus’s members have just given up and just want the game to be over with, at least he’s trying to fight it out until the end. I respect people who don’t just throw in the towel and give up (and people like that help to keep my site from getting boring when an endgame is one-sided).

U.S. is the highest ranked non-MDA alliance on S2.com, and we’ll see whether or not they’re good enough to fight their way into the final Server standings or not.


One Response

  1. To be honest we never intended to hold them. At present the rechiefed WWs are level 10 level 51 and 160, it would not be possible to defend them as they dont have crop storage.

    We did it all for the screen shot in your last update.

    MDA diplomat

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