S2.com: MDA Rules

The title of this post isn’t intended as a compliment, or a comment on how good MDA is.

It’s just a fact.

MDA now holds all of the World Wonders on S2.com. This cements them as the dominate force on Server 2 by a million miles, and they can seemingly do whatever they want to at this point.

Seriously, that’s no exaggeration, because I don’t think Panexus is even trying anymore.

This operation to hold all the World Wonders was evidently in effect for a little while now, and I regret that I wasn’t there to cover it as it unfolded (I got too busy between doing the Speed Server induction, posting the new strategy guide, playing Server 9, and working on another big story that’s not related to Server 2).

I’m going to try to get caught up on everything related to the S2.com endgame that’s happened over the last few days, but there’s going to be a lot to cover, so it’s probably best if I split it up over several posts.

One technical note: I’m having trouble saving images on my computer. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this fixed in a little bit, but right now I’m stumped. This means I can’t post an image of the current World Wonder standings, or any battlereports for that matter. But hopefully I’ll have this fixed later today.

But for now, I was able to copy & paste the Server 2 World Wonder standings, so here they are. MDA has conquered every World Wonder in the land, and now no one else will even show up in the final standings.

Wonder of the world
  Player name Alliance Level  
1. georgepan WW – Gibraltar Rock MDA T 91 today 19:16
2. Dynast In for the Win MDA T 89
3. cuculain Avalanche of Assery MDA T 81 tomorrow 04:21
4. SE1 MDA Calendar Girls MDA T 71 tomorrow 04:09
5. Ritz Tequila Soup MDA T 70 tomorrow 15:47
6. Judas Tiny Tinkle MDA T 63 today 18:26
7. Steel Knight   MDA R 0
8. svens Vienna 1683 MDA 0 tomorrow 05:16
9. Voler   MDA B 0
10. LudvigEmil Phoenix MDA B 0
11. Big K Sparky!! MDA 0 tomorrow 02:01
12. Nerthus Heaven or Hell MDA X 0

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the compliment although there are those who say MDA was lucky because they found weak opponents

    It’s hard work and cooperation. We have some of the best war strategist and the best wing leader coordinators

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