Travian on Facebook Update

I posted earlier about how started a Facebook group. Here’s a follow-up to that story (I promise that my next post will be an endgame update).

The group has gained popularity quickly. It now has almost 1,500 members. In fact, it’s apparently gotten too popular, as they’ve had to shut down the “Wall” on the Facebook group.

Wait a second, isn’t the whole point of the Wall for posting Spam?

Well, maybe they’re going to use the Wall to make official announcements or something.

Most people who were posting on the wall were just using to shout out what server they’re playing on. “Look at me, I’m on Server 10.” “I’m so-and-so and I play the Speed Server” “I play Server 1, 5, and 8!” Repeat ad nauseum. I think people were just desperately trying to up their friend count by finding people who play the same server as they do.

What’s really amazing is that the Latin America Travian Facebook group has over 15,000 members: It just goes to show how many Spanish-speaking Travian players there are out there.


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