Travian at the top of the Google Search Terms for Browser Based Games

Rylar from the blog Travian Guide wrote a post on the blog Online Strategy Games that lists the most searched-for Broswer Based games on Google. Travian is tied for #1 overall. Follow this link to look at the complete list:

Sometimes I forget just how popular Travian is, and when I see something like this it surprises me. You’d think it wouldn’t anymore, but it still does.

Online Strategy Games also has a post about the new Banner Contest on that is running until April 15th. I was planning on writing a post about it myself, but I’ll just take the easy was out and link to Oliver’s post:

Finally, here’s another interesting post on Online Strategy Games (can you tell that I read this blog a lot?). This time it’s about Command and Conquer 4, another big-name strategy game that is coming out soon:

2 Responses

  1. thanks for the links as always! It really is amazing how high Travian is. I wouldn’t have expected it to be twice as popular as anything else on the list.

  2. All this talk about Travian… Is that game really that good? I have been playing another browser game for a while now, and I think it beats Travian and the game is currently in the beta test.

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