Starts Facebook Group

(I’d like to be first to welcome to the year 2006)

Apparently has a Facebook page now. You can visit it at So far the group already has 713 members.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook myself. I find it to be a really annoying to check all the time, and almost everyone I know with a Facebook account who I know has ended up embarrassing themselves on it somehow.

But other people seem to enjoy Facebook, and it might make a good alternative to the forums.

Already people are using the Facebook page to ask for help:

To recruit new members into their alliance:

And to look for people to dual play their accounts with them:

And of course, to trash talk:

(Insert lame joke about “Server 9 is going to the dogs” here. Thunder will soon find out whether or not Chaos Factor’s bark is worse than their bite!)


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