S2.com: Funny Battle Report

I’ll be doing a longer post on S2.com sometime soon (there’s a few pieces of big news to write about), but first I’m going to take a little break because I’ve been really busy writing about the Speed.com winners, doing some editing, and also writing some stuff for the next issue of Travian News International Magazine (which will be coming out sometime soon).

But before I check out for the day, I thought I’d share this funny battle report that was posted on the S2.com forums:

Tarkelic writes:

This is a funny one . I sent some remaining catas, from a former small off village of mine , on a suicide run. They not only got through , they managed to kill off a big hero of a WW holder which apparently didn’t have the Defense stats of his hero pumped up. This is just too funny to be true. I am wondering how much time will he need to recover that hero hahaha !


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  1. Simon sez !


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