Speed Server Restart on Travian.com

Today is the start of the newest Speed Server on Travian.com! Good luck to all the Speed demons out there on the new server! Click here to register if you want to join in the fun!

This new Speed Server will use Travian version 3.6, but similar to the recently started Server 6, it won’t have the Rally Point Restriction. This seems to be part of a continued reaction to the massive outcry of players on Travian.com who didn’t like the new changes introduced in Travian 3.6. I’m sure the competitive players who like to raid a lot and the alliance leaders who like to send a lot of fake attacks will be happy about this.

There were some problems with some of the pre-registration links but hopefully they’ve got them sorted out now.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the Hall of Champions entry for the latest Speed Server today and it should be done in just a little bit. (I would have finished earlier but I had some problems with WordPress that screwed up my first try, and I had to start the whole thing over)


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