Some Pictures from (Nov 2009- Mar 2010)

To go along with the Hall of Champion entry for the recently finished Speed Server, I thought I’d post some photos from the ending of the server.



This is the defense at the winning World Wonder, held by Warlady.


Unlike Top Defender, the Top Attacker honour was very close between first and second place.   

The Top Heroes of the Speed Server

Even though R.A.I.D was the top attacker, they didn’t have the highest level hero. K S A, the #7 attacker, finished at an incredible level of 205.  


The Top Defenders

Only 5 players finished ahead of the Natars on defense. You also have to admire 72vsAK, who stuck out to the end of the game with only 1 village left. He must have taken a tremendous beating. 

This is a great shot of the winning World Wonder city. This is a very interesting build that they used. Only one Great Granary and a regular Granary, and only 3 Great Warehouses and a whole lot of regular Warehouses.

This is the profile of Warlady, the winning player. She ended the game with only four villages left, two of which were World Wonder villages.

PFF, the winners of the previous speed server, returned to play this round but they weren’t able to repeat as winners. But from the medals in their alliance profile you can tell that they still managed to do okay.

I’d like to thank Bea, a player on the Speed Server who runs her own blog for servers that she plays on at, for letting me use these photos that were originally posted on her site. There are a ton of other great screenshots from the game on her site, so go check it out if you want to see more.  

This is the third time that Bea’s blog has helped out Travian Champions, her blog and her insight into the game was also helpful when I was doing the entry for the previous Speed Server, and for 08-09. So once again, my deepest thanks to Bea and her great blog.


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