Some Programming Notes

I’ve posted some updates on my earlier coverage of the endgame, so if you’ve only read them once, you might want to read them again: Battle Report from Stypa’s World Wonder – Added another battle report from the big force of rams that took out Stypia’s wall before their World Wonder was hit. Downtime During The Endgame – Added more information about the defense at Doowah’s World Wonder (or the lack thereof), and a note about the attacker too.

The next main update that I’ll be doing for this site is the Hall of Champions entry to the winners of the Speed Server on Unfortunately, it seems that the admins have already closed the server to people going back in to look at how things ended and wiped the server clean. It’s only been 5 days since the server ended. This will make doing the Hall of Champions entry a lot harder, but I’ll try to do the best I can with it.

Some other upcoming updates for Travian Champions you’ll hopefully see in the next few days include a new addition to this site’s Strategy Guides section, and my analysis of the interview with the winners of in the first issue of Travian News International.


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