S2.com: |PM| Attacks Panexus

Here’s quick wrap-up of some S2.com events:

– First, here’s the current standings:

– Stypia’s World Wonder is rebuilding quickly, and MDA’s leading World Wonders continue to advance very steadily, but the big news is that Simon Sez’s World Wonder was hit by an attack that sent it back a ways. But unlike the earlier attacks, this time it wasn’t The Mongol Deletion Assistants (MDA) who were the attackers, but a player from Project Mayhem (PM – or more accurately, one of their wings, |PM|).

Normally, one would expect that PM would concentrate their attacks on MDA, who are clearly in the lead and definitely the favourites to win, and not Panexus. And there has been plenty of examples of fighting between MDA and PM posted on the S2.com forums over the last few weeks, of both the in-game and the verbal variety.

So perhaps it can now be said definitely that Project Mayhem is on no one else’s side but their own. There seems to be no allegiance between them and Panexus at all. But if those two sides continue to fight against each other, MDA’s path to victory becomes even more solid (and it was already pretty darn solid to begin with).

Still, you would think that Project Mayhem would go after a World Wonder Construction Plan if they really wanted to cause as much chaos as possible. Then they could start building up their own World Wonder, which would definitely introduce plenty of mayhem into the endgame.

– Anyway, enough talk. Here’s the battle report of the attack:

– I’ve talked before about how I’d like to do a post that examines PM more in-depth, including their history on the server. I’m still hoping to do so, but I’ve got a lot of other things to write about so I’m not sure if and when I’ll get around to doing it.

– Same goes for my in-depth post on MDA.

– Heck, let’s add an in-depth post on Panexus while we’re at it.

– Alliance profiles for everyone – or not!

– But one alliance that I do want to take a little time to talk about today is Potdogs, who I haven’t mentioned on this site before. A member of that alliance recently visited this site and left this comment:

Perhaps you should add the alliances Potdogs and Potdogs2 to your map, in green, to fill it out. That would account for the large gray gap in the NE near the y-axis. Potdogs worked with PM throughout the server and are in a similar situation in that they are not interested in going for the WW. This 2-wing alliance has definitely earned mention when reviewing the server, earning a number of medals (mostly defensive) in their battles against PAN. Definitely an underestimated alliance the entire way through the server.

Here’s the map he’s talking about, which I put in an earlier post:

Like he said, Potdogs would account for the large group of grey dots near the middle of the map in the north. While Potdogs worked with PM earlier in the server, currently they aren’t allied with PM (at least as far as the Confederate/Non-Aggression Pact list is concerned), so that’s why I didn’t put them both as the same color.

If they are officially working with PM during the endgame, then I should make them the same color, but I’m not sure if the two of them are still working together as one side. But both of them were opposed to PAN throughout the server, making the Northeast a wild place throughout the game. And their animosity towards PAN is still evident (so is PM’s)

The site that I use to make this map can only do 3 colors, so I couldn’t add a fourth. I would have made Potdogs a 4th colour if it was possible to do so.

Potdogs doesn’t hold a World Wonder, but they are still a large alliance and they’re big enough to have an effect on the endgame. The main wing is ranked 13th overall. It looks like they have no love for Panexus. This is a quote from their alliance profile:

We are the old NE, we don’t betray our friends

– While MDA is already in a dominating position of strength, the lack of unity among the Northern alliances is definitely making the endgame easier for them. It looks like Potdogs and PM will just be playing for themselves for this endgame.


3 Responses

  1. Actually my dear friend from ExtremeW was telling me there has been unknown harmony in the north for some time some secret op is being carried out by extreme, R.T. , U.S. and of course pan and panexus, the name was leeked by a new player in the alliance that was apperantly unaware of end game LMAO… but any way he told it to TNG who leaked it and it was called operation anilation interesting to see what comes next…

  2. MD attacks US/RT (http://travian-reports.net/uk/raport.php?id=95415d43554)

    No attacks by the North on the MD WW’s yet?

  3. That map is really cool. It really gives a sense of how the world is playing out and your place in it. Is there a way to see the map for the server8?

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