S2.com: Downtime During The Endgame (Updated)

The Travian.com Homepage showing the downtime announcement for S2.com

 It looks like the S2.com Endgame will be taking a time-out soon. They’ve announced on the Travian.com homepage that they are moving the server to new hardware and so it will be offline for 15 minutes.      

 It’s unfortunate that this is happening during the endgame, but so far not too many attacks have been flying around, so it probably won’t have too big of an effect on the server’s outcome.      

 Meanwhile, here’s the current World Wonder standings. The big change is that Doowah’s World Wonder was hit by the Mongol Deletion Assistants (MDA).      

    Here’s a battle report of the attack that was given to me by an S2 player. I’m not sure why the report doesn’t show any damage to the wall, with this many Rams it surely should have been enough to do some damage to it. Maybe another army hit before this and took out the wall? I’m not sure. If I get some answers on that I’ll update this post, so check back later.  UPDATE: Surprisingly, it looks like there was no wall built at all at Doowah’s World Wonder. This is a surprise to me, but it’s not the first time I’ve seen an alliance skip over building a wall. It’s big help to the defenders, especially when there are so many of them.  

     This is a gigantic Teuton Hammer. You don’t see that many Knights very often. Martel is the 28th biggest player on Server 2 and as you can see he put that size to good use. After this attack he is ranked as the 21st biggest attacker. Martel is from the alliance MDA C, which is one of the elite MDA wings. They are ranked as the #3 alliance overall and the #4 alliance when it comes to attacking. UPDATE: It should also be noted that Martel has had one of the Great Trainer’s Talent artifacts since early January.       

 The attack was followed by another large Teuton army about half an hour later, from a player in MDA D:      


3 Responses

  1. doowah did not have a wall. that will explain it all 🙂

  2. That is a large Teuton army, but you should get some of the trevrep reports as his army was double that and he is number 1 attacker overall on the server

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