S2.com: Battle Report from Stypa’s World Wonder (Updated)

In yesterday’s post about the S2.com endgame, I mentioned that Stypa’s World Wonder was sent down to level 0 by MDA. Here’s the battle report from that attack:

Stypa’s World Wonder got off to a fast start, building up levels almost from the get-go. Sometimes building up a World Wonder like this used as a method to draw attacks to a World Wonder that an alliance uses as a “decoy”, to draw away fire from a World Wonder that an alliance judges as having a better chance of winning.

I’m not sure if this was the case here though. The Panexus merger happened after Stypa’s World Wonder was already moving up levels rapidly, so it likely wasn’t a part of the current Panexus strategy.

Here are the current S2.com standings:

Note that since yesterday, vsd has joined the Panexus group. Though Panexus may not have enough World Wonder construction plans for all of its World Wonders, they can compensate for this by building infrastructure at their World Wonders that lack plans, and then switch they plans over to them when one of their Wonders gets hit.

The leading player, georgepan from MDA, has one of the Architect’s Great Secret artifacts, which makes his buildings and walls 3 times more stable. So it won’t be easy to take him down.

UPDATE: Here’s the first attack that hit Stypia’s World Wonder just before the one above:

In additon to making this impressive Roman army, Ale is also holding on to one of MDA’s extra sets of World Wonder Construction Plans.


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