S2.com Endgame Update: The Northern Alliances Unite Against MDA

The alliance MDA (which I believe is short for “Mongol Death Alliance”)  (which is short for “Mongol Deletion Assistants”) holds the lead in the S2.com endgame right now, and they are definitely the odds-on favorites to be the winners. They hold a commanding lead when it comes to the artifacts.

But, they now face a united opposition, as all of their opponents have joined together to fight against MDA as one united force. But will they be able to put aside their past differences and overcome MDA’s advantage?

I’ll be doing some in-depth coverage of this server. Starting with look at MDA and their new enemies, Panexus. We’ll also look at the difference in the artifact count and how that will effect endgame.

S2.com Maps

Before we dive into the alliance’s recent actions, let’s first take a look at the state of the game using some maps to illustrate how these alliances are aligned. It’s a North vs. South endgame, with MDA ruling the lower half of the map and the newly formed Panexus holding onto the North.

This map shows how the S2.com world looks right now:

The red alliances are MDA. As you can see, they pretty much have total control of the entire south.

The blue alliances are the newly formed Panexus. At the start of the endgame, Extreme was the biggest alliance of the Northwest, and PAN the biggest of the Northeast. But, they recently merged into one alliance to take on the united south. (Read more about the merger on the S2.com forums in this thread)

As for the green guys, they’re PM, aka “Project Mayhem”. They hold one World Wonder and right now it’s the only one that isn’t a part of one of the two major sides, but they lack a construction plan right now.

Who’s side is Project Mayhem on? Well, they’re not on MDA’s right now – there’s been some fighting between their two camps. I’m not certain whether or not they’re a part of the Panexus side, or just on their own.  These guys have a very interesting story, one that deserves a post of its own, because they’ve had a large effect on the history of this server. I’ll try to do a special post about them later.

The above map only includes the top 40 or so alliances – and it leaves out ones in the top 40 with no apparent allegiance. All the alliances that weren’t in the top 40 and a part of MDA, Panexus, or PM appear as grey dots (note that there are also some large black gaps with no players in them).

And now, to give you some idea of why MDA are considered the favourites, here’s a map of the top 10 alliances:

The top 8 alliances are all in MDA.

MDA’s artifact advantages

As someone who didn’t play on this server, I don’t know its whole history. But you can tell by how many artifacts they hold that MDA have had the edge in organization and planning for a long time now.

Just take a look at these artifact standings:

MDA has the unique architect’s secret, the unique titan boots, the unique diet control, the unique trainer’s talent, and the unique rivals confusion. (All the other unique artifacts are held by PM)

When it comes to major artifacts, MDA has 3/4 architect’s secrets, 3/4 titan boots, 2/3 eagle eyes, 3/4 diet control, all 4 of the trainer’s talent, 3/4 of the great storage plans, and 2/3 of the rival’s great confusion.

(Normally there are 4 great eagle eyes and rival’s confusion artifacts. I’m guessing that what happened was that the player who one held those artifacts deleted their accounts, and the artifacts disappeared along with them.)

As for the minor artifacts, MDA holds a significant edge there too. They have all of the small architect’s secret artifacts. They have all of the small trainer’s talent. They have all the small titan boots. They have all of the small rival’s confusion artifacts. They have 4 of the 6 small diet control artifacts.

It’s been noted how having an advantage with holding artifacts was key to the victory of South-WW on S7.com (see the notes in the Hall of Champions entry for that server). MDA’s artifact advantage is far, far greater than South-WW’s was.

MDA also has the advantage of holding most of the World Wonder construction plans. They have 9 sets of plans. MDA has 6 world wonders, so that means they have 3 extra ones in reserve. Meanwhile, their opponents have to make due with only 4 sets of plans for its 6 World Wonders, and PM has no plan at all right now.

How did MDA manage to run up such a large lead? I’ll try to answer that question in a later post.

Endgame Standings

During my last post about the S2.com endgame, the leading World Wonder was held by Stypia from PAN WW. Just hours ago, it was hit hard by MDA armies, and now it’s back down to level zero.

Here are the current standings:

I think Extreme and PAN probably made the right decision to join together to take on MDA, trying to take them on by themselves would certainly be overwhelming. We’ll see how this new combined alliance manages to perform.

Look for another S2.com update tomorrow!


5 Responses

  1. The name is Mongol Deletion Assistants

  2. MDA for the win baby

  3. Perhaps you should add the alliances Potdogs and Potdogs2 to your map, in green, to fill it out. That would account for the large gray gap in the NE near the y-axis. Potdogs worked with PM throughout the server and are in a similar situation in that they are not interested in going for the WW. This 2-wing alliance has definitely earned mention when reviewing the server, earning a number of medals (mostly defensive) in their battles against PAN. Definitely an underestimated alliance the entire way through the server.

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